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Town Tool Shopkeeper

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Town Tool Shopkeeper
LADX Town Tool Shopkeeper Sprite.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Era Era of Light and Dark

The Town Tool Shopkeeper is a character in Link's Awakening.[1]


The Town Tool Shopkeeper is the owner of the Mabe Village Town Tool Shop. He sells items that are necessary for Link to complete his quest (including the Deluxe Shovel and the Bow). Link can either pay for them or steal them. To steal an item, Link must pick it up and walk out the shop's door while the Shopkeeper is looking away from the door instead of taking it to the counter.[2] If Link sets foot again in the shop, the Shopkeeper blasts Link with a magical electric beam that instantly kills him.[3] Upon saving, Link will respawn in the shop and be able to visit there again.


  • If Link steals something from the Town Tool Shop, he would be called "THIEF" instead of the player's chosen name by all characters for the rest of his journey.
  • The magic beam used by the Town Tool Shopkeeper is similar to one used by Agahnim in A Link to the Past.



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