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The Town Guard is a character in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[citation needed] His job is to protect the town,[1] although he has also travelled out into the world to put down unruly Oinkers.[2] When Tingle first enters Port Town, this guard requires him to pay at least five Rupees to enter the town. His wife becomes sick early in the game and requires Tingle to make medicine to heal her.

Town Guard
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Main appearance(s)

Later in the game it becomes clear that his wife is being tormented by ghosts, and the guard departs for Icy Plain, where he becomes paralysed with fear after seeing a ghost. He initially blames this on the cold,[3] but admits the truth after Tingle leads him through the main graveyard.[4]

At this point the Town Guard becomes Tingle's temporary Bodyguard with 10 hearts, but will not travel from the graveyard. Upon reaching the final gravestone, the Ghost Ringleader appears and the Town Guard confronts her. The ghost apparently kills the guard, and Tingle must fetch Chiko's Grandmother's Ghost to revive him. Once revived the Town Guard's health doubles, making him comparable with a Drifter Bodyguard. He is clothed in purple and surrounded by an electrical glow for the rest of his time as a bodyguard. With Tingle's help he can defeat the ghosts and return to Port Town.

Although his wife returns to full heath from this point on, the Town Guard will continue to buy Tingle's medicines.



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