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TFH Totem Moblin Art.png
The Links fighting a Moblin on Totem Armos
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Totems are a recurring ability in The Legend of Zelda series.[citation needed]


Tri Force Heroes

Totems can be formed by the Links by approaching another Link and pressing the A button or by moving underneath an airborne Link to catch him automatically. Totems can be formed as either stacks of two or three, the latter being achieved through picking up an existing Totem of two Links. Totems are necessary in progressing throughout the land, through completing puzzles that require a certain height to be met or accessing higher elevations. When a Totem is formed, only the highest Link can use items, though each subordinate Link is capable of tossing the Link above him. If the middle Link is holding a Link when thrown by the bottom Link, then both the middle and top Links are thrown together. In a Totem, only the bottom Link is able to navigate, and thus the others are dependent upon him to move around while in stable position. In addition, only the Link on top is able to swing his Sword or use items. The only actions that the middle Link is capable of is throwing the top Link or using Communication Icons. During a Coliseum battle, where the Links are fighting one another, the Link atop a Totem can "escape" by performing a Spin Attack.

When it is necessary to form a Totem, "Totem time!" text will scroll across the screen. Certain enemies, such as Totem Dekus and Moblins, tend to mimic the Links' ability to form a Totem. Totem Armos are frequently utilized by enemies for this purpose. If a Link is hurt while in a Totem, he will drop any others he is carrying, breaking the formation.

Depending on the three Links' Totem formation, a different variation of the area's music is heard by each player. When one Link is being carried by another, he hears a softer variation of the area music, and a female choir along with it. When one Link is carrying another, he hears a stronger variation of the music, with a male choir and drums. In a full Totem, the Link on top hears a gentler mix with a female choir, similar to if he were only being carried by one Link. The Link in the middle hears a much more faded version of the music, in which a female choir is almost all that is audible. The Link on the bottom hears a more powerful variation, complete with a male choir and drums, similar to if he were only carrying one Link, however, this mix features more instruments. The precise volume levels of the instruments and choir vocals heard in each mix are different between single-player and multiplayer modes. In a Coliseum battle, the Link carrying a Totem hears a more energetic and orchestral variation of the area's music, while any Link being carried by another hears an off-key variation with poorly tuned instruments, indicating the danger of being thrown outside the battle area.

The director of Tri Force Heroes, Hiromasa Shikata, stated that because a Totem size of four was too tall to display, the number of Links was shortened from the traditional four to three.[1]

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Totem Link — Spirit Battle Information

SSBU Totem Link Spirit Icon.png
Totem Link
SSBU Primary Spirit Icon.png Primary Spirit
No. 262
Team Power SSBU Grab Type Icon.png Grab | 3500 Rank ★★ ADVANCED Fighter(s)
Stage Hyrule Castle Theme "Main Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes" SSBU Toon Link Stock Icon 8.png Toon Link
SSBU Toon Link Stock Icon 2.png Toon Link
SSBU Toon Link Stock Icon 3.png Toon Link
Rule(s) Item: The Legend of Zelda Hazard(s)
 · The enemy favors smash attacks

Totem Link — Spirit Information

SSBU Totem Link Spirit Icon.png

Totem Link
No. 262
Lv. 1
Type GRAB Strength 710
Rank ★★ ADVANCED Defense 801
Slot(s) ⎔⎔⎔ Power 1511
This Spirit has no Trait.

Totems are represented by the Totem Link Primary Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Spirit Battle for Totem Link is depicted with three Toon Links colored to match the Links from Tri Force Heroes.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese トーテム (Tōtemu) (TFH)
Canada FrenchCA Totem (TFH)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Tótem (TFH)



  1. "A four-player totem was too tall, so we decided three was the better choice." — Hiromasa Shikata, Nintendo Digital Event @ E3 2015, YouTube (Video), published June 16, 2015, retrieved August 22, 2015.