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This page is for the recurring object in The Legend of Zelda series. For the Weapon of the same name in Breath of the Wild, see Torch.
ALttP Toch Artwork.jpg
Torch artwork from A Link to the Past
Use(s) Solve puzzles

Torches,[citation needed] also known as Lamps,(LA)[1] are recurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series, often found within caves or dungeons. They have a variety of uses from illuminating the surrounding area to being a key aspect in solving a puzzle or unlocking a hidden secret. Because of their nature of being lit or unlit, dungeons and other areas can be designed with the prospect of Link having to take advantage of this-lighting them to cause an event or sequence like unlocking a door or revealing a Treasure Chest.

Outside of being decorative, Torches are primarily used in puzzles. They can be lit by using a fire source such as a burning Deku Stick, a Fire Arrow, the Fire Rod, Din's Fire, or the Lamp. Sometimes they can only be lit by pressing a switch or clearing a room of enemies. In dark areas, Link can light a Torch to light up the room.

Some torches known as Face Lamps can appear as traps shooting fireballs at Link, similar to Medusas. They are usually invulnerable to any form of attack. Additionally, In Phantom Hourglass, some of them can be deactivated by hitting a nearby switch, or defeating all the enemies in the room.

Torches vary across the series from housing a simple group of sticks tied together as well as more elaborately designed metal ones. Twilight Princess has the most variety of Torch designs in the series, with various wooden Torches, stone Torches, and other, more ancient-themed Torches.