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TLoZ Tombstone Artwork.png
LA Tombstone Artwork.png
LANS Tombstone Model.png
TLoZ Tombstone Sprite.png
LA Tombstone Sprite.png
LADX Tombstone Sprite.png
Main appearance(s)
Spawning Ghinis and Giant Ghinis
Opening the path to the Color Dungeon(LADX)

Tombstones are objects in Link's Awakening.[1]

Location and Uses

The Legend of Zelda

Link's Awakening

Tombstones are found within the Graveyard. Touching a Tombstone will spawn a Ghini or a Giant Ghini. A single Tombstone can be found west of the Graveyard. It is the resting location of the Ghost.

In Link's Awakening DX, the Tombstones need to be pushed in the correct order described in the book atop the bookshelf in the Village Library in order to unveil the Color Dungeon.

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