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Defeat dragons

The Tomahawk is an item from Game & Watch Zelda. This weapon is only used in boss battles. If Link has won a tomahawk in a dungeon, it is automatically equipped when he enters that dungeon's boss battle. It is wielded in the same manner as the sword, but it does three times as much damage. The tomahawk will automatically break on the final blow,[1] and thus cannot be carried into the next dungeon.

Game & Watch Zelda Manual Comment

Game & Watch Zelda


This weapon is effective only against the Dragons. It is three times as powerful as the usual sword. When Link is fighting against the Dragon, the tomahawk appears automatically for him to use. However, the tomahawk breaks when he has destroyed the Dragon.


  1. "However, the tomahawk breaks when he has destroyed the Dragon." (Game & Watch manual, pg. 9)