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Toffa is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Toffa is an elderly man who works at the Outskirt Stable. He can be found near the eastern entrance of the Stable, muttering to himself.[3] When Link first encounters Toffa, he will ask Link if he has seen a White Horse before telling him that it has been seen on the nearby Safula Hill.[4] As Toffa's grandfather told him that the Royal Family of Hyrule once had a pure-white Horse that grazed on Safula Hill, he suspects that this White Horse may be a descendant of the Royal Family's Horse.[4] He then asks Link to catch the White Horse and, after domesticating it and registering it at a Stable, to show it to him.[4] If Link agrees, Toffa will thank him and task him with the Side Quest "The Royal White Stallion".[5] If Link denies this request, Toffa will dejectedly say that it was likely a "wild-goose" chase.[6]

If Link returns with the White Horse before registering it at a Stable, Toffa will grow excited and urge him to register it and return immediately.[7][8] Additionally, after seeing the White Horse, Toffa will begin to mutter about it.[9] Upon returning with the White Horse after its registration, Toffa will exclaim with joy and gift Link the Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle as thanks and immediately equip it to the White Horse.[10][11] Toffa explains that the Royal Bridle and Saddle were custom-made for Princess Zelda's White Horse and that his grandfather claimed the sight of the Princess atop the Horse was indescribably beautiful.[12] Afterwards, Toffa describes his fantasy of riding around atop the White Horse with a woman like the Princess.[13]


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