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A group of Tingles.
Special Characteristic(s)Lust for Rupees, wear green suit
Notable Member(s)

Tingles are beings of all sorts that Uncle Rupee has turned into slaves. He lures them to his pool and gives them a lust for Rupees, along with a green suit to match. He promises them that if they collect enough Rupees for him, they will be able to enter Rupeeland.[1] After they obtain a high enough amount of Rupees, they do indeed go to Rupeeland. When they reach Rupeeland, they find out that it is a desolate, evil place,[2] and that they will have to serve Uncle Rupee for all eternity.

Tingles can survive things that would kill non-Tingles. However, when they do, they lose Rupees. Rupees are a Tingle's life; if a Tingle runs out of Rupees, it reverts to normal and dies.

Tingle was a Tingle until he found out the truth about Uncle Rupee from the Grand Fairy, and defeated the Rupee Master once and for all. It is unknown as to why he kept the name "Tingle" along with his green outfit.

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  1. In Rupeeland, everyone will be made into a tingle! - The Grand Fairy (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland).
  2. Rupeeland is a place where everyone will suffer... it is truly like a nightmare... - The Grand Fairy (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)