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Timeline Abbreviations

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In order to save space and typing time, fans discussing the broader timeline issues, theories and other aspects of The Legend of Zelda series have developed a system by which to convey theorized game placements in as little text as possible as well as shortening online posts. Abbreviations will vary across the internet and new shorthand abbreviations are regularly adapted. Often understanding abbreviations will lie solely upon having read the preceding information. Understanding the basic shorthand is pivotal to understanding timeline jargon and following along with the language used in online discussions. Below are some commonly used abbreviations.

Timeline Indicators

/ Indicates separating into a split timeline. This is the adult timeline.
\ Indicates separating into a split timeline. This is the child timeline.
X/Y: Indicates Game X and Game Y have a common Link
X - Y: Indicates Game X and Game Y are separated by at least a generation
(X) - Y - (X): Indicates that Game X may be placed in either of two locations
(X) >< (Y): Indicates that Game X may occur before Game Y or Game Y may occur before Game X

Timeline Related

AT: Adult Timeline
BS: Backstory
CT: Child Timeline
DT: Downfall Timeline

Main Games

TLoZ/LoZ: The Legend of Zelda
TAoL/AoL: The Adventure of Link
ALttP: A Link to the Past
LA: Link's Awakening
OoT:Ocarina of Time
MM: Majora's Mask
OoS: Oracle of Seasons
OoA: Oracle of Ages
FS: Four Swords
TWW/WW: The Wind Waker
FSA: Four Swords Adventures
TMC/MC: The Minish Cap
TP: Twilight Princess
PH: Phantom Hourglass
ST: Spirit Tracks
SS: Skyward Sword
ALBW: A Link Between Worlds
TFH: Tri Force Heroes
BotW: Breath of the Wild

Secondary Games

TLoZ/LoZ: The Legend of Zelda series
CE: Collector's Edition
LADX: Link's Awakening DX
OoT MQ/ MQ: Master Quest

Spin Off Games

TBF: Tingle's Balloon Fight DS
LCT: Link's Crossbow Training
FPTRR/TRPG/TRR: Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
SSB: Super Smash Bros.
SSBM: Super Smash Bros. Melee
SSBB: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
SSB4: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
SSB3DS: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
SSBWiiU: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Phillips CD-i Games

TFoE: The Faces of Evil
TWoG: The Wand of Gamelon
ZA: Zelda's Adventure

Other Games

AST: Ancient Stone Tablets
ZG&W: Zelda (Game & Watch)

Nintendo Consoles

3DS: Nintendo 3DS
n3DS: New Nintendo 3DS
DS: Nintendo DS
DSi: Nintendo DSi
DSL: Nintendo DS Lite
GB: Game Boy
GBA: Game Boy Advance
GBA SP: Game Boy Advance SP
GBC: Game Boy Color
GBM: Game Boy Micro
GBP: Game Boy Pocket
GCN/NGC/GC: Nintendo GameCube
N64: Nintendo 64
NES: Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Wii: Wii
WiiU: Wii U
ZG&W: Zelda Game & Watch


DR: Dark Realm
DW: Dark World
GS: Great Sea
LLR: Lon Lon Ranch
SL: Skyloft
SR: Sacred Realm
ST: Shadow Temple
STT: Stone Tower Temple
ToT: Temple of Time
TotG: Tower of the Gods
TotOK: Temple of the Ocean King
TR: Twilight Realm


GF: Great Flood
IW: Imprisoning War
SW: Seal War
SZ: Sleeping Zelda


GDT/DT: Great Deku Tree
FD/FDL: Fierce Deity Link
GoD: General of Darkness
HMS: Happy Mask Salesman
HoL: Hero of Legend
HoM: Hero of Men
HoT: Hero of Time
HoW: Hero of Winds
KDNH/DNH: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
KoH: King of Hyrule
KoRL: King of Red Lions
LJJ: Lord Jabu-Jabu
PZ: Princess Zelda
SoS: Sorceress of Shadows
SZ: Sleeping Zelda
The OoA: Nayru (Oracle)
The OoS: Din (Oracle)
TH: Twilight Hero
SK: Skull Kid


FS: Four Sword
MS: Master Sword
TF: Tetraforce
The OoT:Ocarina of Time (Item)
ToC: Triforce of Courage
ToP: Triforce of Power
ToW: Triforce of Wisdom


NPC: Non-Playable Character.
RPG: Role Playing Game
ZC/ZCS: Zelda Cartoon / Zelda Cartoon Series
ZM: Zelda Manga

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