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Time Block

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Time Block
OoT Time Block Model.png
A Time Block, as seen in-game.
Use(s) Creating Platforms
Blocking Passages
Comparable Object(s) Block
Wooden Box

The Time Block is an object in Ocarina of Time.[name reference missing]

Location and Uses

Time Blocks that have a Symbol of Time emblazoned on them can be removed and brought back by playing the "Song of Time." They are used in various puzzles in Ocarina of Time. A Time Block also blocks the exit of Dampé's Grave, which he references after his race with Link before departing.[1] If Navi turns green and flies over to an area which cannot be targeted, the "Song of Time" can be played to summon Time Blocks. These instances include the sliding block puzzle in the Ice Cavern and the lava room in Goron City. Another Time Block appears in the Fire Temple in the first room to the right of the entry room, which can be moved and removed with the Song of Time to either open a pathway to a tunnel or serve as a platform to climb onto the ledge above said tunnel.


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  1. "One more thing! Be careful on your way back! Heheheh...." — Dampé (Ocarina of Time)