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Tile Worm

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Tile Worm
Tile Worm.png
Habitat(s)Forest Temple
City in the Sky
Effective Weapon(s)Gale Boomerang

Tile Worms are enemies in Twilight Princess.


Tile Worms are found only in a few rooms of the Forest Temple and the City in the Sky. These large, purple worms will hide in holes in the ground and camouflage themselves as part of the floor with floor tiles attached to their heads. If Link steps on a tile with a worm attached, it will lunge upwards, sending him flying a great distance.

Tile Worms can only be defeated with the use of the Gale Boomerang; the tornado that is generated by throwing the weapon rips them out of the ground, leaving them completely defenseless and incapable of attacking. If they are knocked into the water, they will die instantly. If a tile worm is not slain after it has been sucked up by the cyclone, it will stand up after a few seconds of laying on its head and jump back into its hole.

Tile Worms in the Forest Temple are optional enemies, as there is always a way to walk past them, whereas those in the City in the Sky must be destroyed, as they may block the path and threaten to knock Link into the abyss below.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Italian Republic Italian Verme delle piastrelle