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Sacred Songs

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Sacred Songs
Song of the Hero.png
The completed Song of the Hero
Instrument(s) Goddess's Harp
Power(s) Opening Trial Gates
Learned in Isle of Songs

The Sacred Songs are four songs learned in Skyward Sword. They are known as "Nayru's Wisdom", "Farore's Courage", "Din's Power", and the "Song of the Hero."

Location and Uses

All four songs are learned on the Isle of Songs inside the Thunderhead. Each song is used to open the Silent Realm in its respective province. Fi sings vocals for the songs in Hylian, although their meaning is unknown.

Farore's Courage

Link learning "Farore's Courage"
Farore's Courage SS.png

"Farore's Courage"[1] is the first song Link learns after defeating The Imprisoned for the first time. It creates the portal to the Faron Woods Silent Realm. Once Link completes this Silent Realm, he is rewarded with the Water Dragon's Scale.

Fi's Lyrics (phonetic):

/nude̞ saba seboɾo/
/deido kaɾe̞ basoɾʊ/
/tʃʊ jʊbe̞ ʃæ dobe/
/mamatʃu ʃædʊ ne̞/

Nayru's Wisdom

Nayru's Wisdom SS.png

"Nayru's Wisdom"[2] is learned on the Isle of Songs after completing the Ancient Cistern in the Faron Province. It is played to create the trial gate for the Lanayru Desert Silent Realm. Upon completion of the Silent Realm, Link receives the Clawshots.

Fi's Lyrics (phonetic):

/de̞sa dasube/
/tʃʊtu ʃibaɾʊ/
/ensa katesa/
/suki nɪkita nube̞/

Din's Power

Link learing "Din's Power"
SS Din's Power Icon.png

"Din's Power"[3] is learned by Link after completing the Sandship. Once he plays it in Eldin Volcano, the portal to the region's Silent Realm opens. Once Link completes this trial, he is rewarded with the Fireshield Earrings.

Fi's Lyrics (phonetic):

/sʊbe̞ nebe̞ tje/
/sʊbe̞ jebe̞ so/
/sʊbe̞ nutje daso nuʋutje ʃe̞ba/
/sʊbe̞ nebe̞ so/
/sʊbe̞ jebe̞ so/
/sʊbe̞ nutje sabo ikadu inʊʋa/
/⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in tʃa ⸨d⸩in/

Song of the Hero

Levias teaching Link the fourth part of the Song of the Hero

The '"Song of the Hero" is split into four parts. Three of the parts are learned from each of the dragons protecting the three regions of The Surface: Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. The fourth part is learned from Levias inside the Thunderhead. It serves as a key to the final Silent Realm, played in a duet with Fi and Link. The full song contains parts from the Zelda main theme.

Fi's Lyrics (phonetic):

/ne nætaɾesobe/
/atotʃe̞ de̞ sobe̞ sa/



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Farore's Courage Din's Power Nayru's Wisdom Song of the Hero
Japan Japanese フロルの勇気 ディンの力 ネールの叡智 勇者の詩
French Republic FrenchEU Le Courage de Farore La Force de Din La Sagesse de Nayru Chant du héros
Federal Republic of Germany German Farores Mut Dins Kraft Nayrus Weisheit Heldenlied Triforce piece.png
Italian Republic Italian Coraggio di Farore Forza di Din Saggezza di Nayru Melodia dell'impavido
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Valor de Farore Poder de Din Sabiduría de Nayru Cantar del Héroe


  1. ""This song opens the trial located in Faron Woods. Play it on your harp when you discover the entrance."" — N/A (Skyward Sword)
  2. ""This song opens the trial located in Lanayru Desert. Play it on your harp when you discover the entrance."" — N/A (Skyward Sword)
  3. ""This song opens the trial located on Eldin Volcano. Play it on your harp when you discover the entrance."" — N/A (Skyward Sword)
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