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Thin Man.png
Race Human
Gender Male[1]
Era Era of Light and Dark

Thomas,[2] also known as the Thin Man,[1] is a character in Oracle of Ages.


Thin Man.gif

Thomas resides in the basement of the Middle House the center of Symmetry Village in the past. He seems to be very self-conscious about his slight build and has somewhat of an obsession with "getting the girls."[3][4]

Thomas wishes to gain weight by working out. However, since he only has enough training equipment for one side,[5] and training one arm at a time goes against his policy,[6] he will be unable to do so. Link can give him the Dumbbell received from Mamamu Yan as part of the Trading Sequence, allowing Thomas to exercise both his arms while keeping the town symmetrical. In return, he gives Link the Cheesy Mustache.



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