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Thieves' Town Item Shop

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Thieves' Town Item Shop
Thieves Town Item ShopALBW.png
The shop's interior
Main Appearance(s)

The Thieves' Town Item Shop is a shop in A Link Between Worlds.

Features and Overview

The Thieves' Town Item Shop is located in Thieves' Town.

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
ALBW Bee Icon.png
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 88 Rupees
ALBW Golden Bee Icon.png
Golden Bee
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 9999 Rupees
ALBW Fairy Icon.png
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 77 Rupees
ALBW Shield Icon.png
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png 50 Rupees