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Thieves' Town (Dungeon)

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This article is about the Dungeon. For other uses, see Thieves' Town (Disambiguation).
Thieves' Town
Thieves' Town.png
Entrance to the Dungeon
Location(s) Village of Outcasts
Game(s) A Link to the Past
Main Item Titan's Mitt
Boss(es) Blind the Thief
Quest Reward(s)Crystal
Heart Container
Theme Music Dark World Dungeon

Thieves' Town, also known as Gargoyle's Domain,[1] and Level 4,[name reference missing] is the fourth Dungeon of the Dark World in A Link to the Past.


Entrance to the Dungeon

The dungeon is located beneath the Gargoyle in the center of the Village of Outcasts. The entrance to Thieves' Town is the same place where the Weathercock is in Kakariko Village, and is protected by the prongs of the Gargoyle's trident which can be pulled off from the entrance.

Themes and Navigation

The dungeon opens up to four vast maze-like rooms made up of intersecting narrow walkways, filled with enemies such as Zazak and treasure, and numerous traps such as Rabbit Beams. To escape this maze, Link must obtain the Big Key. Once Link makes it through the maze, he finds the boss room straight ahead, however, unlike all other boss rooms Link has entered prior, it is empty, with no monster to be found, nor the Maiden he is searching for. Instead he must travel through the rest of the dungeon, which contains a horde of monsters and a number of traps and conveyor belts designed to halt Link's progress.

Deep in the dungeon's basement Link can obtain the Titan's Mitt and also discover numerous jail cells. Far at the back of these cells lies a captive young girl, seemingly one of the Maidens Link must rescue, yet not trapped in a Crystal. Instead, she asks for Link to take her outside.[2] Returning to the entrance with her causes her to refuse to leave, and attempting to travel to the top floor of the dungeon will also cause her to protest. If Link leaves her behind, she will return to the cells below. With seemingly no way to escape with her, Link discovers sunlight beaming in from barred windows on the top floor of the dungeon, and a cracked floor above the boss's lair. By throwing a Bomb onto the floor, he causes the light to travel from the floor above down to the center of the room.

Following Zelda's advice and suspecting the girl trapped in the basement may not be all she seems,[3] Link must lead her to the light shining into the boss room, causing her to reveal her true form.[4] She is in fact Blind the Thief, a monster that loathes light and was once a thief who lived in Kakariko Village before becoming one of Ganon's minions.[5] After a tense battle wherein Blind attacks with multiple fire-spewing heads, the beast is destroyed, and the Crystal containing the real Maiden is revealed.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • In the Japanese version of the game, both the Village of Outcasts and this dungeon share the name Haguresha no Mura, meaning Village of Rogues. In the English localization, they have different names. This dungeon also shares its name with the Lorule equivalent of the Village of Outcasts in A Link Between Worlds.
  • Thieves' Town can be completed anytime after Link obtains the Magic Hammer, found in the Palace of Darkness, despite being listed as the fourth dungeon. In addition, the dungeon treasure, the Titan's Mitt, is not actually required to complete the dungeon.
  • Thieves' Town is rare in having an unassuming Link escort the boss to the final arena, before being attacked. Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess and the Cubus Sisters in Phantom Hourglass also share this concept, while the Thieves' Hideout in A Link Between Worlds has Link escorting a captured thief who is instead attacked by the boss in the final room.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French Republic FrenchEU Village des Bandits Village of Bandits
Federal Republic of Germany German Blinds Versteck
Drachenstatue (ALttP&FS)
Blind's Hideout
Dragon Statue
Italian Republic Italian Tana dei ladroni Thieves' Lair



  1. ↑ "The dark dungeon home of Blind the Thief was under the Village of Outcasts. Blind was afraid of bright light and he never left the confines of the dungeon, letting his band of thieves do his dirty work. This three-floor hideout was known as the Gargoyle's Domain because at the entrance was a Gargoyle monument which loomed over citizens of the village."  (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide (Nintendo of America Inc.) pg. 90)
  2. ↑ "Ohh, thank you so much! You saved my life! Please take me outside." — Maiden (A Link to the Past)
  3. ↑ "Link... It's me, Zelda... Don't be deceived by the magic of Blind the Thief! Be careful!" — Princess Zelda (A Link to the Past)
  4. ↑ "Gyaaah! Too bright!" — Maiden (A Link to the Past)
  5. ↑ "Yo Link! This house used to be a hideout for a gang of thieves. What was their leader's name... Oh yeah, his name was Blind and he hated bright light a lot." — Hylian (A Link to the Past)
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