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The Wand of Gamelon Translations/Locations

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The following page is a list of the names of every location appearing in The Wand of Gamelon in every release of the game. The Wand of Gamelon has been released in the following languages: English, France French, German, and Dutch.

  • Empty cells indicate that a name has not yet been found for that particular location in that language.
  • Darkened cells () indicate there is no given name for that particular location in that language.


Item French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Netherlands Flag.png
TWoG Ahitaru.png
Aru Ainu.png
Aru Ainu
Aru Ainu
Dodomai Palace.png
Dodomai Palace
Dordung Cave.png
Dordung Cave
Fairy Pool.png
Fairy Pool
Gamelon Gamelon Gamelon
Gobiyan Ship 3.png
Gobiyan Ship
Hanyu Forest.png
Hanyu Forest
Nokani Forest.png
Nokani Forest
Reesong Palace.png
Reesong Palace
Reesong Palace
Sakado Sakado Sakado
Shrine of Gamelon
Shutoy Lake
Tykogi Tower.png
Tykogi Tower
Washubi Swamp.png
Washubi Swamp

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