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The Skull's Eye

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The Skull's Eye
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Quest Giver Jerrin
Location Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Reward Access to the Zuna Kai Shrine
Previous QuestNext Quest
"Robbie's Research""A Gift from the Monks"

"The Skull's Eye" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link can obtain this Shrine Quest by speaking to Jerrin in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab after completing the "Robbie's Research" Side Quest. When spoken to, Jerrin explains that she's a scholar of ancient history who specializes in studying Ancient Shrines.[2] She then remembers Link's role as the bearer of the Sheikah Slate means that he can access the nearby Zuna Kai Shrine atop Skull Lake's left eye.[2] While instructing Link to visit the proper eye of the Lake, she warns him that accessing the Shrine will prove a challenge.[2] This begins the Quest.

The Zuna Kai Shrine is located at the top of a rock spire in Skull Lake. To access it, Link must either climb the rock formation, or glide to it with the Paraglider. The Quest is completed when Link opens the Shrine. As the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab lacks sufficient funding, Jerrin does not reward Link for completing the Quest.[3]


Stage Description
1 Jerrin told you of an ancient shrine atop the left eye of Skull Lake.

However, the sheer cliffs surrounding it may make it next to impossible to reach...
Complete You gained entry into the ancient shrine atop the left eye of Skull Lake.

You understand now what Jerrin meant when she said that the real trial was getting there.

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