The Silent Swordswomen

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The Silent Swordswomen
BotW Swordswomen.jpg
One of the statues of swordswomen
Quest Giver Laine
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Discovery of the Kema Zoos Shrine

"The Silent Swordswomen" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


To begin the quest, Link must speak to Laine, a Gerudo soldier who guards the northwestern entrance to Gerudo Town. She tells Link about the statues of swordswomen scattered around Gerudo Desert, with one of them visible nearby.[2] Laine explains that people believe a superstition that the statues point to a hidden ancient treasure.[3] Link must follow a series of the swordswomen statues through the sandstorm in the West Barrens to find the treasure. The statues point in the direction that Link must go. Upon finding the treasure, which turns out to be the Kema Zoos Shrine, the quest is completed.


Stage Description
1 In the Gerudo Desert Gateway, they say that the swordswomen statues point the way to treasure. However, getting there means braving the sandstorms...
Complete You followed the guidance of the swordswomen statues to find the treasure amidst the desert sandstorms. The prize turned out to be an ancient shrine!


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