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The Noble Canteen

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The Noble Canteen
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Main Appearance(s)

The Noble Canteen is a bar in Breath of the Wild.

Features and Overview

The Noble Canteen is a bar in Gerudo Town managed by Furosa. Furosa serves Noble Pursuit, a drink that Pokki needs during the Side Quest, "The Perfect Drink". Pokki will be found inside here talking to Furosa about the drink after the quest.[1] Pyra, Sumati and Yaido can also be found inside here, talking about a password.[2] They stop talking about it as soon as they notice that Link is listening.[3] Link can eavesdrop on them from Rotana's house nearby to find out the password, which will allow him entry to the Gerudo Secret Club. Deltan can be found sitting in the Canteen, hunched over and seemingly intoxicated. Nellie, Pritana and Jules also visit the Canteen sometimes. A poster on the wall of The Noble Canteen shows how to make Chilly Mushroom Risotto by cooking Rock Salt, Chillshroom, Goat Butter and Hylian Rice.



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  2. "Oh, I was going to tell you... I finally got my hands on the password for you-know-where." — Yaido (Breath of the Wild)
  3. "You!! Did you really think we wouldn't see you standing there, listening to our conversation?!" — Sumati (Breath of the Wild)