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The Minish Cap Translations/Items

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular item in that language.



Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Arrow Pfeile
Bow Arc Bogen Arco y flechas Arco e Frecca
Bombs Bombes Bombe(n) Bomba Bomba
Boomerang Boomerang Bumerang Bumeran Boomerang
Cane of Pacci Baton Sauteur Wirbelstab Baston reves Bastone Sottosopra
Flame Lantern Lanterne Lampe Candil Lanterna
Four Sword Epee de Quatre Schwert der Vier Espada cuadruple Quadrispada
Gust Jar Pot Magique Magischer Krug Jarron magico Giara magica
Light Arrow Arc de Lumiere Licht-Bogen Arco y flechas de luz Arco e Frecca della Luce
Magical Boomerang Boomerang Magique Magischer Bumerang Bumeran magico Boomerang magico
Mirror Shield Bouclier Miroir Spiegel-Schild Escudo espejo Scudo Specchio
Mole Mitts Griffes de Taupe Maulwurfshandschuhe Guantes de topo Guantoni Talpa
Ocarina of Wind Ocarina du vent Okarina des Windes Ocarina del viento Ocarina del Vento
Pegasus Boots Bottes de Pegase Pegasus-Stiefel Botas de Pegaso Calzari di Pegaso
Remote Bombs Bombes a Telecommande Fernzünder-Bombe Bomba con control remoto Bomba radiocomandata
Roc's Cape Cape de Roc Greifenmantel Capa Roc Mantello di Roc
Small Shield Bouclier Kleines Schild Escudo Scudo
Smith's Sword Schwert des Alberich
White Sword Weißes Schwert
White Sword (Two Elements) Weißes Schwert der Zwei
White Sword (Three Elements) Weißes Schwert der Drei

Inventory Items

Notes: In French the Tingle Trophy and Carlov Medal have changed places!

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Big Wallet Große Geldbörse
Big Wallet (Increased Size) Große Geldbörse
Big Quiver Großer Pfeilköcher
Carlov Medal Trophee Tingle(!!!) Minitendo-Medaille Medalla del Club Minitendo Medaglia Niten
Large Quiver Großer Pfeilköcher
Big Bomb Bag Große Bombentasche
Big Bomb Bag (Increased Size) Große Bombentasche
Bigger Bomb Bag Größere Bombentasche
Bomb Bag Bombentasche
Kinstone Bag Glücksbeutel
Heart Container Herzcontainer
Piece of Heart Quarts de C?ur Hertzteil(e) Trozo de corazon Frammento di cuore
Map of Hyrule Karte von Hyrule
Tiger Scroll Precis d'Escrime Schriftrolle(n) der Schwertkunst Pegamino del tigre Le unghie della Tigra
Tingle Trophy Medaille Tendo(!!!) Tingle-Trophäe Trofeo Tingle Tingle Trophy

Quest Items

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Broken Picori Sword Zerbrochenes Schwert der Minish
Earth Element Element Terre Erd-Element Elemento de tierra Elemento Zolla
Four Elements Die vier Elemente
Fire Element Element Feu Flammen-Element Elemento de fuego Elemento Fiamma
A Hyrulean Bestiary Bilderlexikon der Tierwelt
Library Book: Legend of the Picori Die Legende der Minish
A History of Masks Alles über Masken
Wake-Up Mushroom Weckpilz
Water Element Element Eau Tropfen-Element Elemento de agua Elemento Goccia
Wind Element Element Vent Wind-Element Elemento de aire Elemento Soffio
Spare Key Schlüssel zur Farm
Graveyard Key Schlüssel zum Friedhof


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
TMC Empty Bottle Sprite.png
あきビン (Aki Bin) Empty Bottle Flacon vide Flasche Botella vacía Ampolla
TMC Flippers Sprite.png
水かき (Mizukaki) Flippers Palmes Flossen Aletas Pinne di Zora
TMC Grip Ring Sprite.png
Grip Ring Bague d'Escalade Kletter-Ring Anillo escalada Anello Salisù
TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Jabber Nut Noix Blabla Quatschbirne
TMC Power Bracelets Sprite.png
パワーリスト (Pawā Risuto) Power Bracelet Bracelets de Force Krafthandschuhe Brazaletes de fuerza Polso Forza

Bottled Items

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Blue Potion Blaues Elixier
Fairy Fee Fee Hada Fata
Red Potion Potion Rouge Rotes Elixier Pocion roja Pozione Vita
Lon Lon Milk Lon Lon-Milch (voll)
Lon Lon Milk (1/2) Lon Lon-Milch (halb voll)
Water Wasser
Crenel Hot Spring Water Wasser vom Gongol-Berg
Nayru's Charm Nayrus Talisman
Farore's Charm Farores Talisman
Din's Charm Dins Talisman
Red Picolyte Roter Tyrup
Orange Picolyte Orangefarbener Tyrup
Yellow Picolyte Gelber Tyrup
Green Picolyte Grüner Tyrup
Blue Picolyte Blauer Tyrup
White Picolyte Weißer Tyrup
Bottle of Dog Food Hundefutter

Tiger Scrolls

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Tiger Scroll Precis d'Escrime Schriftrolle(n) der Schwertkunst Pegamino del tigre Le unghie della Tigra
Spin Attack Attaque Tornade Wirbelattacke Ataque circular "Attacco Vortice"
Rock Breaker Attaque Brise-Rocs Steinspalter Romperrocas "Frantumaroccia"
Roll Attack Estocade Roulee Wirbelhieb Estocada circular "Attacco rotolante"
Dash Attack Charge Ausfall Ataque Pegaso "Attacco in corsa"
Peril Beam Rayon de Tenacite Energiestrahl Ataque supervivencia "Raggio Coraggio"
Sword Beam Lama Rayonnate Strahlenattacke Ataque con rayo "Raggi Spada"
Down Thrust Attaque Plongeante Sturzattacke Estocada inferior "Attacco in volo"
Great Spin Attack Grande Tornade Große Wirbelattacke Gran ataque circular "Grande Vortice"


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Kinstone Piece Fragments Glücksfragmente Piedra suerte Frammenti di gioia
Ruppes Rubine
Heart Herz
Mysterious Shells Mysteriöse Muschel(n)

Dungeon Items

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Dungeon Map Dungeon-Karte
Compass Kompass
Big Key Großer Schlüssel
Small Key Kleiner Schlüssel

Other Items

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Brioche Brot
Slice of Cake Tortenstück
Croissant Croissant
Slice of Pie Kuchenstück
Pico Bloom Tyloriander
Phonograph Grammophon
Swordsman Newsletter Magnus-Schwertfibel
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