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The Legend of Zelda Translations/Locations

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.
  • The game itself was officially never translated into German.
  • The Japanese and English names have been taken from the game and manual. Where there are alternate names or discrepancies, they are marked with their source (e.g. Triforce piece.png).
  • Certain names and spellings (e.g. "Molblin") were changed in later games. They have been kept in the original form on this page.



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
地上 (Chijō) Overworld Die Oberwelt Soprammondo (Superficie)
TLoZ Overworld.png
ハイラル地方 (Hairaru Chihō) Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule
TLoZ Lost Woods.png
マヨイノモリ (Mayoi no Mori) Lost WoodsTriforce piece.png
Forest of MazeTriforce piece.png
Bosco Perduto
TLoZ Lost Hills.png
Lost Hills Colline Perdute
TLoZ Graveyard.png
ハカバ (Hakaba) Graveyard Friedhof Cimitero Cemitério
TLoZ Spectacle Rock.png
メガネイワ (Megane Iwa) Spectacle Rock Roccia Occhiali


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
地下 (Chika) Underworld Monde Sublunaire Die Unterwelt Sotterraneo Subterrâneo
迷宮 (Meikyū) Labyrinth Labyrinthe LabyrinthTriforce piece.png
EbeneTriforce piece.png
VerliesTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Level-1 Map.png
イーグル (Īguru) Level-1 (Eagle) Aigle AdlerTriforce piece.png
Verlies des AdlersTriforce piece.png
Aquila Águia
TLoZ Level-2 Map.png
ムーン (Mūn) Level-2 (Moon) Lune Mond Luna Lua
TLoZ Level-3 Map.png
マンジ (Manji) Level-3 (Manji) Manji Rune Manji Suástica
TLoZ Level-4 Map.png
スネイク (Suneiku) Level-4 (Snake) Serpent Schlange Serpente Cobra
TLoZ Level-5 Map.png
リザード (Rizādo) Level-5 (Lizard) Lézard Eidechse Lucertola Lagarto
TLoZ Level-6 Map.png
ドラゴン (Doragon) Level-6 (Dragon) Dragon Drache Drago Dragão
TLoZ Level-7 Map.png
デーモン (Dēmon) Level-7 (Demon) Démon Dämon Demone Demonio
TLoZ Level-8 Map.png
ライオン (Raion) Level-8 (Lion) Lion Löwe Leone Leão
TLoZ Level-9 Map.png
デスマウンテン (Desumaunten) Level-9 (Death Mountain) Montagne de la Mort Toter BergTriforce piece.png
TodesbergTriforce piece.png
Monte Morte

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