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The Legend of Zelda Translations/All

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.
  • The game itself was officially never translated into German.
  • The game was never officially translated into Italian but a digital manual was given for the 3DS version.
  • The Japanese and English names have been taken from the game and manual. Where there are alternate names or discrepancies, they are marked with their source (e.g. Triforce piece.png).
  • Certain names and spellings (e.g. "Molblin") were changed in later games. They have been kept in the original form on this page.

Main Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Link Kneeling Artwork.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link Link Link Link
TLoZ Princess Zelda Artwork.png
ゼルダ姫 (Zeruda-Hime) Princess Zelda Princesse Zelda Prinzessin Zelda Principessa Zelda Princesa Zelda
TLoZ Ganon Concept Artwork.png
大魔王ガノン (Daimaō Ganon)
Prince Darkness "Gannon"Triforce piece.png
Ganon, the powerful Prince of DarknessTriforce piece.png
Ganon, Prince of DarknessTriforce piece.png
Ganon (Prince des Ténèbres) Ganon (Prinz der Dunkelheit) Ganon (Signore delle Tenebre) Ganon (Rei Demônio)
TLoZ Link and Impa Artwork.png
インパ (Inpa) Impa Impa Impa Impa Impa

Secondary Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Old Man Artwork.png
おじいさん (Ojīsan)Triforce piece.png
ジイサン (Jīsan)Triforce piece.png
Old Man Vieil Homme Alter Mann Anziano (Uomo Vecchio) Homem Idoso[citation needed]
TLoZ Old Woman Artwork.png
おばあさん (Obāsan)Triforce piece.png
オバアサン (Obāsan)Triforce piece.png
Old Woman Vieille Femme Kleine alte Dame Anziana (Donna Vecchia) Mulher Idosa[citation needed]
TLoZ Merchant Artwork.png
商人 (Shōnin) Merchant Marchand Händler Mercante Vendedor[citation needed]


Overworld Enemies

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Armos Sprite.png
アモス (Amosu) Armos Armos Armos Armos
TLoZ Ghini Sprite.png
ギーニ (Gīni) Ghini Ghini Ghini Ghini
TLoZ Red Moblin Sprite.png
モリブリン (Moriburin) Molblin Molblin Molblin Moblin Ogro
TLoZ Octorok Red Sprite.png
オクタロック (Okutarokku) Octorok Octorok Oktoroks Oktorok Octoroks
TLoZ Peahat Sprite.png
ピーハット (Pīhatto) Peahat Peahat Peahat Killerana Peahat
TLoZ Lynel Red Sprite.png
ライネル (Raineru) Lynel Lynel Lynel Lynel
TLoZ Leever Red Sprite.png
リーバー (Rībā) Leever Leever Leever Sandkiller Verme Arenoso
TLoZ Rock Sprite.png
岩 (Iwa) Rock Rocher Felsen Rocha
TLoZ Red Tektite Sprite.png
テクタイト (Tekutaito) Tektite Tektite Tektite Arachno Aranite
TLoZ Zora Sprite.png
ゾーラ (Zōra) Zola Zola Zola Zora Zola

Underworld Enemies

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Bubble Red Sprite.png
バブル (Baburu) Bubble Tetdoss Bubble Tod NemboTriforce piece.png Bolha
TLoZ Gel Sprite.png
ゲル (Geru) Gel Gel Gel Gelee Gel
TLoZ Gibdo Sprite.png
ギブド (Gibudo) Gibdo Momie Gibdo Mumia
TLoZ Red Goriya Sprite.png
ゴーリア (Gōria) Goriya Goriya Goriya Goryia
TLoZ Keese Sprite.png
キース (Kīsu) Keese Keese Keese Flederbeißer Morgos
TLoZ Moldorm Sprite.png
モルドアーム (Morudoāmu) Moldorm Moldorm Moldorm MoldormTriforce piece.png Moldorm
TLoZ Pols Voice Sprite.png
ポルスボイス (Porusuboisu) Pols Voice Pols Voice Pols Voice Voz de Pol
TLoZ Like Like Sprite.png
ライクライク (Raikuraiku) Like Like Like Like Like Like Raubschleim Chupa Chupa
TLoZ Lanmola Red Sprite.png
ラネモーラ (Ranemōra) Lanmola Lanmola Lanmola Lanmola
TLoZ Rope Sprite.png
ロープ (Rōpu) Rope Rope Rope Giftwurm Ropa
TLoZ Stone Statue Sprite 01.png
石像 (Sekizō) Stone Statue Statue de Pierre Steinstatue Statue Estatua de Pedra
TLoZ Stalfos Sprite.png
スタルフォス (Sutarufosu) Stalfos Stalfos Stalfos Stalfos
TLoZ Trap Sprite.png
トラップ (Torappu) Trap Piège Fallen Falle Armadilha
TLoZ Red Darknut Sprite.png
タートナック (Tātonakku) Darknut Darknut Darknut Schattengarde Guarda Sombrio
TLoZ Vire Sprite.png
バイア (Baia) Vire Vire Vire Beißer Vire
TLoZ Wizzrobe Red Sprite.png
ウィズローブ (Wizurōbu) Wizzrobe Wizzrobe Wizzrobe Pyromagus Brumanto
TLoZ Wallmaster Sprite.png
ウォールマスター (Wōrumasutā) Wall Master Wall Master Wall Master Todesgrapscher Mestre Das Paredes
TLoZ Zol Sprite.png
ゾル (Zoru) Zol Zol Zol Schleim Gosmento


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Aquamentus Sprite.png
アクオメンタス (Akuomentasu) Aquamentus Aquamentus Aquamentus AquamentusTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Dodongo Sprite.png
ドドンゴ (Dodongo) Dodongo Dodongo Dodongo DodongoTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Manhandla Sprite.png
テスチタート (Tesuchitāto) Manhandla Manhandla Manhandla ManhandlaTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Gleeok Four-Headed Sprite.png
グリオーク (Guriōku) Gleeok Gleeok GleeokTriforce piece.png GleeokTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Gleeok Head Sprite.png
ヘッド オブ グリオーク (Heddo obu Guriōku) Head of Gleeok Tête de Gleeok Kopf von GleeokTriforce piece.png Testa di Gleeok
TLoZ Digdogger Sprite.png
デグドガ (Degudoga) Digdogger Digdogger Digdogger DigdoggerTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Gohma Red Sprite.png
ゴーマー (Gōmā)Triforce piece.png
ゴーマ (Gōma)Triforce piece.png
Gohma Gohma Gohma GohmaTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Patra Sprite.png
パタラ (Patara) Patra Patra Patra PatraTriforce piece.png



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese Dutch
TLoZ Heart Sprite.png
ハート (Hāto) Heart Cœur LIFE KraftherzenTriforce piece.png
HerzleisteTriforce piece.png
Cuore Coração Hartje
TLoZ Heart Container Sprite.png
ハートの水筒 (Hāto no Suitō)Triforce piece.png
イノチ ノ ウツワ (Inochi no Utsuwa)Triforce piece.png
Heart ContainerTriforce piece.png
Container HeartTriforce piece.png
Fragment de Cœur Herz-ContainerTriforce piece.png
HerzcontainerTriforce piece.png
Portacuore Coração Hart-container
TLoZ Fairy Sprite.png
妖精 (Yōsei)Triforce piece.png
ヨウセイ (Yōsei)Triforce piece.png
Fairy Fée ElfeTriforce piece.png
FeeTriforce piece.png
Fata Fada Fee
TLoZ Clock Sprite.png
マジカルクロック (Majikaru Kurokku)Triforce piece.png
トケイ (Tokei)Triforce piece.png
Magical ClockTriforce piece.png
ClockTriforce piece.png
Horloge Magique Magische Uhr Orologio Magico Relógio Mágico
TLoZ Yellow Rupee Sprite.png
黄色のルピー (Kiiro no Rupī)Triforce piece.png
ルピー (Rupī)Triforce piece.png
RupyTriforce piece.png
Yellow RubyTriforce piece.png
RupeeTriforce piece.png
Rubis Orange Gelber Rubin Rupia Rubi Amarelo Rupee
TLoZ Blue Rupee Sprite.png
青色のルピー (Aoiro no Rupī)Triforce piece.png
5 ルピー (5 Rupī)Triforce piece.png
5 RupiesTriforce piece.png
Blue RubyTriforce piece.png
5 RupeesTriforce piece.png
Rubis Bleu Blauer Rubin Rupia Blu Rubi Azul Blauwe Rupee


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Sword Sprite.png
ソード (Sōdo) Sword Épée de Bois Schwert Spada Espada
TLoZ White Sword Sprite.png
ホワイト ソード (Howaito Sōdo) White Sword Épée Blanche Weißes Schwert Spada Bianca Espada Branca
TLoZ Magical Sword Sprite.png
マジカル ソード (Majikaru Sōdo) Magical Sword Épée Magique Magisches Schwert Spada Magica Espada Mágica
TLoZ Wooden Shield Sprite.png
シールド (Shīrudo) Shield Bouclier SchildTriforce piece.png
HolzschildTriforce piece.png
Scudo Escudo de Carvalho
TLoZ Magical Shield Sprite.png
マジカル シールド (Majikaru Shīrudo) Magical Shield Bouclier Magique Magisches Schild Scudo Magico Escudo Mágico


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
宝物 (Takaramono)  Treasures Trésor Schätze Strumenti
TLoZ Life Potion Sprite.png
命の水 (Inochi no Mizu)Triforce piece.png
青い水 (Aoi Mizu)Triforce piece.png
イノチノミズ アオ (Inochi no Mizu Ao)Triforce piece.png
Water of LifeTriforce piece.png
Blue WaterTriforce piece.png
Life PotionTriforce piece.png
Eau de Vie
Eau de Vie Bleue
Wasser des Lebens
Blaues Wasser
Acqua della vita blu Poção Azul
TLoZ 2nd Potion Sprite.png
命の水 (Inochi no Mizu)Triforce piece.png
赤い水 (Akai Mizu)Triforce piece.png
イノチノミズ アカ (Inochi no Mizu Aka)Triforce piece.png
Water of LifeTriforce piece.png
Red WaterTriforce piece.png
2nd PotionTriforce piece.png
Eau de Vie
Eau de Vie Rouge
Wasser des Lebens
Rotes Wasser
Acqua della vita rossa Poção Vermelha
TLoZ Letter Sprite.png
手紙 (Tegami)Triforce piece.png
テガミ (Tegami)Triforce piece.png
Letter Lettre à une Petite Vieille Brief an die kleine alte DameTriforce piece.png
Der Brief an eine alte DameTriforce piece.png
Lettera Carta
TLoZ Food Sprite.png
敵のエサ (Teki no Esa)Triforce piece.png
エサ (Esa)Triforce piece.png
Enemy BaitTriforce piece.png
FoodTriforce piece.png
Appât pour l'ennemi Köder für den GegnerTriforce piece.png
FutterTriforce piece.png
Esca Isca
TLoZ Boomerang Sprite.png
木のブーメラン (Ki no Būmeran)Triforce piece.png
ブーメラン (Būmeran)Triforce piece.png
Wooden BoomerangTriforce piece.png
BoomerangTriforce piece.png
Boomerang en Bois Hölzerner BumerangTriforce piece.png
HolzbumerangTriforce piece.png
Boomerang Bumerangue de Carvalho
TLoZ Magical Boomerang Sprite.png
マジカル ブーメラン (Majikaru Būmeran) Magical Boomerang Boomerang Magique Magischer Bumerang Boomerang Bumerangue Mágico
TLoZ Bomb Sprite.png
バクダン (Bakudan) Bomb Bombe BombeTriforce piece.png
BombeTriforce piece.png
Bomba Bomba
TLoZ Bow Sprite.png
弓 (Yumi)Triforce piece.png
ユミ (Yumi)Triforce piece.png
Bow Arc Bogen Arco Arco
TLoZ Arrow Sprite.png
木の矢 (Ki no Ya)Triforce piece.png
ヤ (Ya)Triforce piece.png
Wooden ArrowTriforce piece.png
ArrowTriforce piece.png
Flèche en Bois Hölzerne PfeileTriforce piece.png
HolzpfeileTriforce piece.png
Freccia Flecha
TLoZ Silver Arrow Sprite.png
銀の矢 (Gin no Ya)Triforce piece.png
ギン ノ ヤ (Gin no Ya)Triforce piece.png
Silver Arrow Flèche d'Argent Silberne PfeileTriforce piece.png
SilberpfeileTriforce piece.png
Freccia d'Argento Flecha Prateada
TLoZ Blue Candle Sprite.png
青いロウソク (Aoi Rōsoku)Triforce piece.png
ロウソク アオ (Rōsoku Ao)Triforce piece.png
Blue Candle Bougie Bleue Blaue Kerze Candela Blu
TLoZ Red Candle Sprite.png
赤いロウソク (Akai Rōsoku)Triforce piece.png
ロウソク アカ (Rōsoku Aka)Triforce piece.png
Red Candle Bougie Rouge Rote Kerze Candela Rossa
TLoZ Blue Ring Sprite.png
ユビワ アオ (Yubiwa Ao)Triforce piece.png
ブルーリング (Burū Ringu)Triforce piece.png
Blue Ring Bague Bleue Blauer Ring Anello Blu Anel Azul
TLoZ Red Ring Sprite.png
ユビワ アカ (Yubiwa Aka)Triforce piece.png
レッドリング (Reddo Ringu)Triforce piece.png
Red Ring Bague Rouge Roter Ring Anello Rosso Anel Vermelho
TLoZ Power Bracelet Sprite.png
パワー バレスレット (Pawā Baresuretto) Power Bracelet Bracelet de Puissance Kraftarmband Superbracciale Bracelete da Força
TLoZ Recorder Sprite.png
笛 (Fue)Triforce piece.png
フエ (Fue)Triforce piece.png
WhistleTriforce piece.png
RecorderTriforce piece.png
Sifflet Flöte Flauto Flauta
TLoZ Raft Sprite.png
イカダ (Ikada) Raft Radeau Floß Zattera
TLoZ Stepladder Sprite.png
はしご (Hashigo)Triforce piece.png
ハシゴ (Hashigo)Triforce piece.png
Stepladder Échelle Leiter Scala Escada
TLoZ Magical Rod Sprite.png
マジカル ロッド (Majikaru Rōdo) Magical RodTriforce piece.png
Magic WandTriforce piece.png
Baguette Magique ZauberstabTriforce piece.png
Der Magische StabTriforce piece.png
Bacchetta Magica
TLoZ Book of Magic Sprite.png
バイブル (Baiburu) Book of Magic Livre Magique Magisches BuchTriforce piece.png
Buch der MagieTriforce piece.png
Grimorio Livro Mágico

Quest Items

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Triforce Shard Artwork.png
トライフォース小片 (Toraifōsu Shōhen)Triforce piece.png
カクサレタ チエノ "トライフォース" (Kakusareta Chie no "Toraifōsu")Triforce piece.png
Triforce FragmentTriforce piece.png
TriforceTriforce piece.png
Fragment de la Triforce Die Einzelteile der "Triforce"Triforce piece.png
Fragmente des TriforceTriforce piece.png
Frammento di Triforza
Triforce of Power.png
”力” のトライフォース ("Chikara" no Toraifōsu) Triforce of Power Triforce du Pouvoir Triforza della Forza
Triforce of Wisdom.png
”知恵” のトライフォース ("Chie" no Toraifōsu) Triforce of Wisdom Triforce de la Sagesse Triforza della Saggezza

Dungeon Items

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TLoZ Key Sprite.png
キー () Key Clé Schlüssel Chiave Chave
TLoZ Magical Key Sprite.png
マジカル キー (Majikaru Kī)
ライオンノカギ (Raion no Kagi)Triforce piece.png
Magical KeyTriforce piece.png
Magic KeyTriforce piece.png
Clé Magique Magischer Schlüssel Chiave Magica Chave-Mestra
TLoZ Map Sprite.png
マップ (Mappu)Triforce piece.png
チズ (Chizu)Triforce piece.png
Map Carte des Labyrinthes Karte des LabyrinthsTriforce piece.png
VerlieskarteTriforce piece.png
Mappa Mapa
TLoZ Compass Sprite.png
コンパス (Konpasu) Compass Compas KompaßTriforce piece.png
KompassTriforce piece.png
Bussola Bússola



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
地上 (Chijō) Overworld Die Oberwelt Soprammondo (Superficie)
TLoZ Overworld.png
ハイラル地方 (Hairaru Chihō) Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule
TLoZ Lost Woods.png
マヨイノモリ (Mayoi no Mori) Lost WoodsTriforce piece.png
Forest of MazeTriforce piece.png
Bosco Perduto
TLoZ Lost Hills.png
Lost Hills Colline Perdute
TLoZ Graveyard.png
ハカバ (Hakaba) Graveyard Friedhof Cimitero Cemitério
TLoZ Spectacle Rock.png
メガネイワ (Megane Iwa) Spectacle Rock Roccia Occhiali


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
地下 (Chika) Underworld Monde Sublunaire Die Unterwelt Sotterraneo Subterrâneo
迷宮 (Meikyū) Labyrinth Labyrinthe LabyrinthTriforce piece.png
EbeneTriforce piece.png
VerliesTriforce piece.png
TLoZ Level-1 Map.png
イーグル (Īguru) Level-1 (Eagle) Aigle AdlerTriforce piece.png
Verlies des AdlersTriforce piece.png
Aquila Águia
TLoZ Level-2 Map.png
ムーン (Mūn) Level-2 (Moon) Lune Mond Luna Lua
TLoZ Level-3 Map.png
マンジ (Manji) Level-3 (Manji) Manji Rune Manji Suástica
TLoZ Level-4 Map.png
スネイク (Suneiku) Level-4 (Snake) Serpent Schlange Serpente Cobra
TLoZ Level-5 Map.png
リザード (Rizādo) Level-5 (Lizard) Lézard Eidechse Lucertola Lagarto
TLoZ Level-6 Map.png
ドラゴン (Doragon) Level-6 (Dragon) Dragon Drache Drago Dragão
TLoZ Level-7 Map.png
デーモン (Dēmon) Level-7 (Demon) Démon Dämon Demone Demonio
TLoZ Level-8 Map.png
ライオン (Raion) Level-8 (Lion) Lion Löwe Leone Leão
TLoZ Level-9 Map.png
デスマウンテン (Desumaunten) Level-9 (Death Mountain) Montagne de la Mort Toter BergTriforce piece.png
TodesbergTriforce piece.png
Monte Morte



Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
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