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The Legend of Zelda (Valiant Comics)/Issue 6

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The Legend of Zelda (Valiant Comics)/Issue 6
ZVC 7.png
The comic's seventh issue
George Caragonne
Release date(s)
August 1990

The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics sixth issue was originally released in August 1990. Rather than be part of The Legend of Zelda line, this was released as Issue 7 of the Nintendo Comics System line, which had its own numbering system, creating the belief of a missing The Legend of Zelda Issue 6.



Ganon watching Link's every move while he keeps Zelda captured

The story opens with Link, who is being accompanied by Miff, blasting a wall of one of Ganon's labyrinths while he is looking for the captured Zelda.[1] As he is fighting a couple of Vires, a Moblin goes to inform Ganon that Link managed to defeat a pack of his fellow fiends to get past his outpost.[2] Ganon punishes the Moblin for failing to capture the young hero and mentions that only he is allowed to destroy Link.[3] Although Link is successful in defeating a few Vires, one of them eventually steals his sword as the rest overcome him.[4] Ganon, who is watching Link's every move in a room where he's keeping Zelda captured, commands the Vires to take him away into a sealed chamber.[5] The Prince of Darkness begins to think of what monster he will use to kill Link,[6] but Zelda interrupts him and says she will give him anything in exchange for Link's life, including the Triforce of Wisdom.[7][8] However, Ganon refuses her offer, as he would rather steal the Triforce of Wisdom himself and then destroy both Link and Zelda.[9]

Meanwhile, deep in the Underworld, Link and Miff are trapped in a closed room, trying to find a way out by striking the walls with his sword.[10] Miff tells him to calm down and think of a way out instead of hitting the walls blindly,[11] and when the hero rests on a pillar, his weight moves it and opens the exit.[12] Link continues on to the next room, but the next thing that Ganon sees is just flames coming out of the chamber, making him think that a Gleeok has defeated Link for him.[13] Outraged, Ganon teleports to the Gleeok's room and leaves Zelda alone,[14] which allows her to use all of the magic that Impa has taught her to break free of the chains that bind her.[15]

When Ganon reappears, he is attacked by Link, who survived thanks to the Magical Shield.[16][17] However, he gives the young hero the news that the princess has been killed,[18] causing for an angry Miff to charge at Ganon. At the same time, Link throws his sword at him and warns the fairy that it's a trap.[19] Upon striking Ganon with the sword, a Wallmaster is revealed, which crushes Link's weapon in two and makes Link realize that Ganon was lying and Zelda is still alive.[20] The story ends with Ganon returning to his chamber only to find that Zelda has escaped.


Choices begins with where Assault left off. Having fled from Ganon's grasp, Zelda encounters a Darknut, but her life force is nearly gone from having used all her magic to escape and is unable to put up a fight against the knight.[21][22] However, the princess refuses to give up,[23] and although she is weak, she manages to win against the Darknut by sending him down a bottomless pit. When she pulls herself up from the pit, she finds the Silver Arrow resting on a pedestal.[24] She then recalls what Impa told her, about how, if Zelda's heart is true, then the Triforce of Wisdom will help her use the Silver Arrow to destroy Ganon.[25] The princess, thinking that Link is dead, decides to continue her fight against Ganon for the sake of the young hero.[26]

Zelda finds the Triforce of Wisdom

Meanwhile, not far from where Zelda is, Link is busy fighting a four-headed Gleeok, although he is having some trouble against it.[27] With a small help from Miff, however, Link is able to cut off all four of the Gleeok's heads, although the disembodied heads soon begin to attack the young hero. After some struggle, Link defeats all of the Gleeok's heads,[28] but a Wallmaster then grabs him by surprise. Just then, Zelda arrives to the room where Link had fought the four-headed monster, and past the room is the chamber where the Triforce of Wisdom is being kept.[29] As Zelda is about to reach for the Triforce, the sacred relic speaks to her and tells her that the Triforce of Wisdom will not help her, for if Ganon were to possess both Wisdom and Power, all of Hyrule would fall into darkness.[30] The Triforce also scolds her for having offered the Triforce of Wisdom in exchange for Link's life and thus risk the safety of her kingdom for the well-being of one person.[31] However, the Triforce forgives her, for she has served the "light of wisdom" in the past, and gives her another chance as long as she never again lets her feelings interfere with her duty.[32] When the princess promises so,[33] the Triforce restores her life force and grants her the wisdom needed to wield the Silver Arrows.[34][35]

Zelda then goes to confront Ganon, who has an army of Stalfos ready to attack Zelda. Ganon thanks her for having removed the magic seal from around the Triforce since he can now take it for himself.[36] Wasting no time, Zelda readies a Silver Arrow to shoot at Ganon,[37] but before she has a chance to release it at the Prince of Darkness to defeat him, Link comes crashing in, giving Ganon a chance to escape.[38] The princess is overjoyed to see that Link is still alive, [39] and when Link leans in to kiss her,[40] the princess stops him as she remembers the words of the Triforce of Wisdom.[41] The story ends with Zelda telling Link that they must go since they still have a lot of work to do.[42]

Bonus 1

The first bonus story is titled The Perfect Date 1. It covers a rather disastrous date that Link and Zelda went on.

Bonus 2

The second bonus story is titled The Perfect Date 2, and it picks up where the first one left off. This date also turns out with unexpected events, as Link engages in a bar fight after a Daira spills his Ambrosia Lite.[43] After returning home, Impa inquires as to why Link and Zelda even bother to go out at all,[44] to which they reply that it's because they have so much in common. [45]


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