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The Legend of Zelda: Oath of Riruto

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The Legend of Zelda: Oath of Riruto
Riruto 1.jpg
Volume 1 cover
Writer(s) Jin Munesue
Artist(s) Junya Furusawa
Publisher(s) Japan Shounen Oh Comics
Release date
Volume 1
Japan June 1995[1]

Volume 2
Japan April 1996[2]

Volume 3
Japan January 1997[3]

Volume 4
Japan May 1997[4]
ISBN Volume 1
Japan ISBN-10: 4-334-80270-2
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-334-80270-7

Volume 2
Japan ISBN-10: 4-334-80317-2
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-334-80317-9

Volume 3
Japan ISBN-10: 4-334-80362-8
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-334-80362-9

Volume 4
Japan ISBN-10: 4-334-80379-2
Japan ISBN-13: 978-4-334-80379-7

The Legend of Zelda: Oath of Riruto (ゼルダの伝説: リルトの誓い, Zeruda no Densetsu: Riruto no Chikai) is a manga created by Junya Furusawa and Jin Munesue. It has only been released in Japan and consists of four volumes with chapters that vary between three to four per volume. The books' main character is not Link, but a boy named Riruto; however, Link does appear in all four volumes. The manga also features characters like Zelda and Ganon.



Ganon is the main villain of the story. He is only shown in his beast form.


Gonza is a boy who Riruto meets during volume two and helps Riruto throughout the story. He is the only character who uses Bombs.


Kāla is a girl who Riruto meets during the later part of volume two. She helps Riruto throughout the story and can be seen carrying an animal that can transform into a giant, worm-like creature.


Kalin is Riruto's childhood friend who gets kidnapped twice during the story by evil creatures. Her first kidnapping is what starts Riruto's adventure and the manga's plot.


Riruto is the manga's main character. He resembles Link in many ways, his clothing is however very different. The plot starts out with his motivation of rescuing Kalin, who is his childhood friend.


Link serves a minor role in this manga. However, he teaches Riruto several things about swordsmanship. He only makes interaction with Link and Mōtone during the story.


Mōtone is a knowledgeable old man who is introduced to Riruto by Link. They are the only characters he makes interaction with during the story.


Zelda is a rather minor character in the manga, as she only appears in the introduction of the first manga and in the ending of the fourth manga.



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