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Adult Content Warning
Neil/Link with his items and map.

The Legend of Neil is a web comedy based on the original The Legend of Zelda, created by Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning. The plot concerns a man from New Jersey named Neil, who is teleported into the original The Legend of Zelda after playing the NES title while drunk. Several aspects of the original game are parodied, such as the fact that Neil must have sex with a Fairy in order to be healed by it; Gannon explains that Dungeon Maps are actually meant for his minions, because they often got lost in the dungeons.

Quote1.png The last thing that Neil remembers he was drunk playing a game of Zelda, when he whipped out his member and masturbated to the fairy in the game because she was kinda hot and then he asphyxiated with a Nintendo game controller and that somehow transported him into the game Quote2.png
— Intro theme


Name Role
Neil (Tony Janning).jpeg Tony JanningTony Janning
as Neil/Link
2800633599 fef92972af.jpg Mike RoseMike Rose
as Old Man
2800633151 dd01a69a8e.jpg Felicia DayFelicia Day
as Fairy
2801481838 28096e0032.jpg Angie HillAngie Hill
as Princess Zelda
2800634893 16d8a49578.jpg Eric AcostaEric Acosta
as Octorok, Wizzrobe
Gannon (Scott Chernoff).jpg Scott ChernoffScott Chernoff
as Gannon

Season One

Episode 1: The Beginning

Neil finds himself in the world of Hyrule naked, with only a shield. A fairy comes along, and after some conversation, she bestows a Green Tunic upon him as a gift. With the fairy's help, he makes his way to the Old Man's cave. Neil tries to converse with the old man, who is reminiscient of the very character in The Legend of Zelda, but it is difficult as he keeps repeating the same phrases over and over, just as a NPC would in The Legend of Zelda. The Old Man keeps denying that Link is Neil, and in keeping consistent with the game, he also pronounces Ganon with a long N sound referring to the misspelled name, GANNON. The old man then informs Link/Neil of Princess Zelda, sparking his interest. The two humourously joke about her "hotness", and rate her based on a scale of one to ten. After the shenanigans cease, the old man gives Neil a sword; Neil is unimpressed - it seems useless to him. Offended, the old man scolds and shouts at Link, telling him that he should be grateful he got it for free. The old man attempts to disappear and Neil continues on his quest, pondering his next course of action. As the episode ends, Neil finds himself in the Lost Woods.

Episode 2: First Blood

Neil finds himself trapped in the Lost Woods and as in the game, the forst labyrinth has the same 4 paths. Neil attempts to escape but he continually is sent back to the same path over again. In his frustration, he is attacked by an Octorok (portrayed as a costumed human with a red Octorok-like mask). Neil tries to communicate with the Octorok, but the foe strikes him in the head with a stone. Neil is puzzled as to where the stone was fired, but then discovers the Octorok is the culprit. The Octorok becomes visibly amused and starts insulting Neil. Suddenly, the Old Man appears, to which Neil pleads to him for salvation from his enemy. Humourously, the old man reminds Neil that there is only one Octorok in the area, and reveals that he can kill it by taking its life in a redundant fashion. Neil then begins to stab the air close to the foe, referencing Link's sword technique in The Legend of Zelda. As Neil attacks the Octorok, it says "You fool! Gannon will swallow your soul!", and after many strikes, the foe falls, reminding Neil that it has "millions of family members" in its last breath. The Octorok drops a "heart"; Neil retrieves it to see that it is actually a heart cookie - this becomes a running gag in the show during this season. The Old Man replies that Neil deserves the cookie after committing murder. Neil then accepts a lesson in sword technique, learning about sword beams and how to incorporate them in battle. Neil escapes the Lost Woods, and successfully fights two Octoroks. As the episode ends, Neil is seen cornered by a large group of Octoroks.

Episode 3: The Fairy's Obsession

Neil is struggling and spitting blood on the ground after the brutal beating he received from the throng of Octoroks, between the end of the last episode and the beginng of this one. Neil suddenly has a vision of Princess Zelda and finds out she is African-American. Neil jokes on how he didn't expect her to be so and then tries to compensate for his previous words. She then kisses Neil, causing him to trip down a chasm as his vision and perception become realistic once more. Neil hits the ground next to a Fairy Fountain, with only half of a heart remaining in his life meter. The Fairy who resides in the Fountain is a fickle woman who at first wants to help but later decides against it, instead desiring to be showered with complements from Neil. She reveals that the only way Neil is to restore his health is to have relations with her. After restoring his meter, Neil attempts to leave the fountain, but suddenly is ambushed and de-clothed by a blue Wizzrobe. Neil persues the wizard-like foe until the enemy throws his clothes into a dungeon-like expanse and leaves. Hanging next to a tree is a little sign that says LEVEL 1!.

Episode 4: Skeletons in Link's Closet


The episode opens with the first view of Gannon's throne room and his minion Wizzrobes. The camera keeps from showing Gannon's face. The Wizzrobe who wronged Neil previously takes off his hood, and humorously reveals his exploits with Neil's clothes to Gannon. The Wizzrobe questions as to why Gannon only led Neil to Level 1 and not Levels 7 or 8, where Link would be killed off much quicker and easier. Gannon gets angry, slaps him twice, begins choking the creature, and lets him go with a warning, but only before a comically slapping him once more. Neil arrives in the dungeon with only his underwear and eventually finds his tunic. Immediately, Keese start to pelt his head with droppings, as the dungeon entrance closes behind him. In the next room, Neil is greeted by three Stalfos. Similar to the original NES game, the key is hidden inside the Stalfos, though the body cavity of the Stalfos is transparent. The stalfos speak in German accents and are joked at as being gay; One even has a mustache. The Stalfos converse with each other, weighing the pros and cons of giving Neil the key or keeping it for themselves. Distracted, the Stalfos have no time to react to Neil's attacks, and he quickly defeats them. Neil enters the next room and like the first room, he is again comically attacked by Keese.

Episode 5: Map Questing

Wizzrobe tells Gannon about Neil's progress through Level 1, saying that the Keese and Stalfos were no match for him. Gannon, feeling insulted, turns on the fog machines, saying that 'Fog is Power'. Neil finds a Map on the floor, he takes it and starts to navigate the dungeon. On the way, he meets three Goriyas (portrayed as hairy creatures with mouse-like faces) who are overconfident of defeating him with their boomerangs. However, while the Goriyas are distracted, Neil easily defeats them, afterwards, a Boomerang appears next to him and takes it. Neil is then seen in a 2-D side scrolling style room and takes the Bow inside, playing music as he held it up in the air (similar in the original game), though complains for lack of Arrows. Wizzrobe questions Gannon for leaving a Map of Level 1 in the level itself, Gannon admits that he wanted to make sure none of minions got lost and that he placed one in every level. Neil continues his navigation, but is lost, he then accidentally opens a door. He meets Old Man's brother, Oold Man, who is Left-handed, is the better Potion maker, and has Tourette Syndrome. Afterwards, Oold Man tells Neil that "The Easternmost peninsula is the secret", a quote taken directly from the NES game. Afterwards, he unfolds Neil's Map, revealing the room where the Triforce piece is being held. Neil decides to go to the room where the Triforce is kept, but Oold Man warns him about a dragon with a unicorn horn. As the episode ends, Neil opens the door to the Level 1 boss, Aquamentus.

Episode 6: Who's the Boss

Neil is seen entering the boss room and as soon and notices Aquamentus, he tries to leave, but the door closes on him. Aquamentus begins to shoot fireballs at him and knocks him unconscious, leaving him with only one heart remaining. Neil dreams of him and Zelda in bed, Gannon suddenly appears behind Zelda as she pleads him to save her. As Neil wakes up, he tries to attack Aquamentus, only to be forced to hide behind a pillar. Aquamentus, upset, claims that it is not fair for Neil to hide behind the pillar. Neil tells him that he just wants to get home, Aquamentus then comments on not seeing home in over 4,000 years. Afterwards, both have a conversation about their past and Neil tells him about his true self. Aquamentus tells Neil to kill him so he can be with his girlfriend, at first, Neil hesitates to do so, but Aquamentus mocks him that he cannot commit, so he cuts off his horn, killing Aquamentus. The door to the Triforce then opens, revealing one of the Triforce pieces. As Neil grabs the Triforce, he notices an extra heart on his arm. He turns the Triforce piece over, revealing an inscription that reads "1 of 9".

Season Two

Episode 1(7): A Link to The Past

Episode 2(8): Death in Store

Episode 3(9): The Musical

Episode 4(10): Gettin' High in Hyrule

Episode 5(11): The Secret Moblin

Episode 6(12): The Fairy Strikes Back

Episode 7(13): A Date With Destiny

Season Three

Episode 1(14): Quitters Never Continue

Episode 2(15): The Gloffice

Episode 3(16): Fairyhood

Episode 4(17): 40 Acres And A Zol

Episode 5(18): Every Hero Needs a Montage

Episode 6(19): Death Becomes Neil

Episode 7(20): Restart of The King

Season Two; 60 Second Recap
Season Three; Teaser Trailer


  • The title of the second episode in the first season, "First Blood", is a reference to the subtitle of one of the Rambo pictures, a widely popular adventure movie franchise.
  • Aquamentus is the only character in Hyrule to know Neil's true identity, proven by the fact that he calls him by his real name.

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