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The Hero's Sword

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The Hero's Sword
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Quest Giver The Great Deku Tree
Location Korok Forest
Next Quest
"My Hero"

"The Hero's Sword" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]



Stage Description
1 Through the Lost Woods and deep within the Korok Forest sleeps the sword that seals the darkness, a weapon said to be capable of striking down the Calamity.

Though you came to claim the sword, the Deku Tree told you the blade would test you... Although you wielded it 100 years ago, can you pull the sword out in your current state?
Complete You've acquired the legendary Master Sword, that which seals the darkness. You feel that the sword itself delights to be in your possession...

Even at this moment, Princess Zelda is within Hyrule Castle, fighting to suppress the Calamity. She endures, believing you will come for her...

Will you be able to save her as you are now?


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