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The Gut Check Challenge

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Thie article is about the Shrine Quest. For the mini-game, see Gut Check Challenge.
The Gut Check Challenge
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Quest Giver Bayge
Location Gut Check Rock

"The Gut Check Challenge" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link is given this Quest when he speaks with Bayge on top of Gut Check Rock in the northeastern Eldin. Bayge prevents Link from approaching the Gorae Torr Shrine, as it is considered a sacred spot to the Goron Blood Brothers.[2] However, Bayge agrees that if Link can clear the Gut Check Challenge mini-game, he will move aside and allow Link to approach the Shrine.[3]

Link is tasked with climbing the Gut Check Rock in under three minutes while collecting at least 100 Rupees as part of the mini-game. After successfully clearing the mini-game, Bayge happily accepts Link as an honorary fourth Blood Brother, and allows him access to the Shrine.[4] This completes the Shrine Quest.


Stage Description
1 You signed on for the hard-core training regimen of the three Goron Blood Brothers.

They call it the Gut Check Rock Challenge!

Talk to Bayge when you're ready.
Complete You showed the Goron brothers your grit knows no bounds, brother! You even passed the Gut Check Challenge in one piece.

Impressed with your performance, the Goron Blood Brothers let you through to the ancient shrine. They also invited you to challenge the even gutsier version of the course.


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  3. "But I gotta say...ya do seem like a real man of action. Almost like you have a Goron air about ya. I like it! SO WHAT ARE YA WAITIN' FOR, BROTHER?! GET TRAININ'! Yeah that's it! If you can clear our hard-core training program, I'll move outta your way!" — Bayge (Breath of the Wild)
  4. "UNBELIEVABLE!! You've passed our training with the grit of a true Goron, my brother! In fact...you've earned the right to call yourself...the fourth Goron Blood Brother!! As promised, you are now allowed to stand on this sacred platform of Goron manliness. A real honor, I know. You're officially one of us now! Our true Goron brother, brother! Welcome to the family!" — Bayge (Breath of the Wild)