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The Great Ton Pu Inn

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The Great Ton Pu Inn
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Main Appearance(s)

The Great Ton Pu Inn is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Great Ton Pu Inn is an Inn nestled in the eastern portion of Hateno Village. It sits along the main pathway that leads up to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Bright blue banners along the building's exterior adorned with an image of a crescent moon mark the location.

Prima is the innkeeper, and the subject of Manny's A Gift for My Beloved Side Quest.[2] The Inn offers a regular bed for 20 Rupees, and a soft bed for 40 Rupees which provides a "restorative experience," granting Link a Temporary Heart in addition to regenerating his Life Gauge.[3] If Link chooses the soft bed, Prima will tell him he looks well-rested when he wakes.[4]

Leop, a Hylian resident of Hateno Village, claims the Inn is the best place in the Village to rest, and stands outside the entrance greeting passerby.[5][6] Worten, a traveler, can be found on the Inn's porch in fair weather, or upstairs sleeping at night. Teli, a traveling merchant that trades Guardian parts, will occasionally visit the Inn as he passes through the Village.

A Pot Lid can be found in the Inn's kitchen area.


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