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The Faces of Evil Translations/Items

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The following page is a list of the names of every item appearing in The Faces of Evil in every release of the game. The Faces of Link has been released in the following languages: English, France French, German, and Dutch.

  • Empty cells indicate that a name has not yet been found for that particular item in that language.
  • Darkened cells () indicate there is no given name for that particular item in that language.


Item French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Netherlands Flag.png
Bell Icon CD-i.png
Cloche Glocke Bel
Bomb Icon CD-i.png
Bombe Bomben Bomme
Book of Koridai Icon CD-i.png
Book of Koridai
Livre de Koridai Buch von Koridai Boek van Koridai
Canteen Icon CD-i.png
Falcon Flasche Veldfles
Crystal of Reflection Icon CD-i.png
Crystal of Reflection
Crystal of Vision Icon CD-i.png
Crystal of Vision
Fire Diamond Icon CD-i.png
Fire Diamond
Firestone Icon CD-i.png
Pier du Feu Feuersteine Vuurstenen
Grapple Berries Icon CD-i.png
Grapple Berries
Ice Crystal Icon CD-i.png
Ice Crystal
Small Key CD-i.gif
Lantern Icon CD-i.png
Lanterne Laterne Lantaren
Lantern of Vision Icon CD-i.png
Lantern of Vision
Lantern Oil Icon CD-i.png
Lantern Oil
Lamp Oil
Lampe à Huile Lampenöl Lampolie
Life Heart Icon CD-i.png
Life Heart
Cœur Lebensherzen Levensharten
Magic Lantern Icon CD-i.png
Magic Lantern
Necklace Icon CD-i.png
Power Glove Icon CD-i.png
Power Glove
Handschuh der Macht Vecht-Handschoen
Power Sword Icon CD-i.png
Power Sword
Reflecting Shield Icon CD-i.png
Reflecting Shield
Rope Icon CD-i.png
Corde Seil Touw
Ruby Icon CD-i.png
Rubis Rubin Robijin
Link's Shield Icon CD-i.png
Bouclier Schild Schild
Snowball Icon CD-i.png
Boules de Neige Schneebälle Sneeuwballen
Sword Icon CD-i.png
Épée Schwert Zwaard
Triforce Map CD-i.gif
Triforce Map
Water of Life CD-i.gif
Water of Life
Winged Helmet Icon CD-i.png
Winged Helmet
Casque Ailè Flügelhelm Gevleugelde Helm

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