The Desert Labyrinth

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The Desert Labyrinth
BotW South Lomei Labyrinth Entrance.png
The entrance to the South Lomei Labyrinth
Quest Giver ???
Location South Lomei Labyrinth
Reward Access to the Dila Maag Shrine

"The Desert Labyrinth" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


To begin this Quest, Link must find and enter the South Lomei Labyrinth, located in southeast Gerudo Highlands at the foot of Daval Peak. Upon entering, Link hears a voice telling him that he shall receive a blessing at the end of the Labyrinth and he is given the Quest.[2] Link can see the Ancient Shrine beneath a gate on the floor that is located in the central corridor. To navigate the maze, Link must climb across walls to avoid touching the pools of Malice along some of the Labyrinth's floors and walls. Link must also be careful of the two Black Bokoblins patrolling on top of the Labyrinth walls. Once Link reaches the end of the Labyrinth, he will discover the Dila Maag Shrine and the Shrine Quest is completed.


Stage Description
1 As you advanced through the Gerudo Desert and arrived in front of the suspicious ruins resting at the foot of Daval Peak, you heard a voice.

It seems that, if you're able to make it through this labyrinth, you will receive a blessing.
Complete A labyrinth built at the foot of Daval Peak...

There was a shrine waiting for you at the end of the labyrinth.



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