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Community:The Desert Colossus

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The Desert Colossus
Owner(s)Jack O'Reily
Webmaster(s)Jack O'Reily
Launch Date1999

The Desert Colossus (TDC) was founded in 1999 by Jack O'Reily. Though it has never been one of the largest or most popular Zelda sites, its webmaster manages to keep it interesting with unique and interactive content, such as its caption game and HTML-based The Hyrule RPG, and later Hyrule Adventures 2.

The site itself has gone through 7 different versions. At first it began as a small site providing small details on the series, but as it expanded, TDC started work on an encyclopedia of various aspects of the Zelda series called the Compendium of Hyrule. The Compendium is divided into several sections, which include: An Atlas of Hyrule, an anthropological study of Hyrule, a bestiary, and an oddities section.

TDC is unique in that it is one of the few sites that has information on translating written Hylian into English, by way of transcribing the Hylian to Japanese, and then translating to English.