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The Adventure of Link Translations/Enemies

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.
  • The game itself was officially never translated into German. The German translations listed here have been taken from the manual.
  • The Japanese names have been taken from the game, manual, and the official Futabasha guide. Where there are alternate names or discrepancies, they are marked with their source (e.g. Triforce piece.png).
  • Certain names and spellings (e.g. "Molblin") were changed in later games. They have been kept in the original form on this page.


Overworld Enemies

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Ache Blue Sprite.png
エーク (Ēku) Ache Ache
TAoL Acheman Sprite.png
エークマン (Ēkuman) Acheman
TAoL Aruroda Sprite.png
アルローダ (Arurōda) Aruroda
TAoL Bago-Bago Sprite.png
バゴバゴ (Bagobago) Bago-Bago
TAoL Bit Sprite.png
ビト (Bito) Bit Bit
TAoL Boon Sprite.png
ブーン (Būn) Boon
TAoL Bot Light Blue Sprite.png
ボト (Boto) Bot Bot
TAoL Daira Orange Sprite.png
ダイラ (Daira) Daira Daira
TAoL Deeler Red Sprite.png
ディーラ (Dīra) Deeler Deeler
TAoL Geru Orange Sprite.png
ゲール (Gēru) Geru
TAoL Geldarm Sprite.png
ゲルドアーム (Gerudoāmu) Geldarm Geldarm
TAoL Girubokku Sprite.png
ギルボック (Girubokku) Girubokku
TAoL Goriya Orange Sprite.png
ゴーリア (Gōria) Goriya Goriya
TAoL Leever Sprite.png
リーバー (Rībā) Leever
TAoL Lowder Sprite.png
ローダー (Rōdā) Lowder Lowder
TAoL Megmat Sprite.png
メグマット (Megumatto) Megmat
TAoL Moa Red Sprite.png
モア (Moa) Moa Moa
TAoL Moblin Holding Spear Orange Sprite.png
モリブリン (Moriburin) Molblin Molblin
TAoL Moby Sprite.png
モービ (Mōbi) Moby Moby
TAoL Myu Sprite.png
ミュー (Myū) Myu Myu
TAoL Octorok Red Sprite.png
オクタロック (Okutarokku) Octorok Octorak
TAoL Tektite Sprite.png
テクタイト (Tekutaito) Tektite
TAoL Zora Standing Sprite.png
ゾーラ (Zōra) Zora
TAoL River Devil Sprite.png
マモノ (Mamono) River Devil

Dungeon Enemies

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Aneru Blue Sprite.png
アーネル (Āneru) Aneru
TAoL Bubble Sprite.png
バブル (Baburu) Bubble
TAoL Bago-Bago Sprite.png
バゴバゴ (Bagobago) Bago-Bago
TAoL Boss Bot Sprite.png
ボトマスター (Boto Masutā) Boss Bot
TAoL Doomknocker Sprite.png
ヘルグーマ (Heru Guma) Doomknocker
TAoL Fiery Moa Sprite.png
ファイアモア (Faia Moa) Fiery Moa Moa
TAoL Giant Bubble Sprite.png
デグバブル (Degu Baburu) Giant Bubble
TAoL Fokka Red Attacking Sprite.png
フォッカー (Fokkā) Fokka
TAoL Fokkeru Sprite.png
フォッケル (Fokkeru) Fokkeru
TAoL Iron Knuckle Orange Attacking Sprite.png
アイアンナック (Aian Nakku) Ironknuckle Ironknuckle
TAoL Guma Sprite.png
グーマ (Guma) Guma
TAoL Mago Sprite.png
マーゴ (Māgo) Mago
TAoL Mau Sprite.png
マウ (Mau) Mau
TAoL Myu Sprite.png
ミュー (Myū) Myu Myu
TAoL Parutamu Red Sprite.png
パルタム (Parutamu) Parutamu
TAoL Ra Blue Sprite.png
ラー () Ra
TAoL Red Stalfos Sprite.png
スタルフォン (Sutarufon) Stalfos Stalfos
TAoL Wizard Sprite.png
ウィズザルー (Wizuzarū) Wizard
TAoL Wosu Sprite.png
ウォース (Wōsu) Wosu


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
守護神 (Shugojin) Guardian Wächter
TAoL Horsehead Sprite.png
マズラ (Mazura) Horsehead
TAoL Jermafenser Sprite.png
ジャーマフェンサ (Jāmafensa) Helmethead
TAoL Rebonack Sprite.png
レボナック (Rebonakku) Rebonack
TAoL Carock Sprite.png
カロック (Karokku) Carock
TAoL Jermafenser Sprite.png
ジャーマフェンサ II (Jāmafensa II) Helmethead
TAoL Gooma Sprite.png
ジャイアント (Jaianto)Triforce piece.png Gooma
TAoL Barba Sprite.png
バルバジア (Barubajia) Barba
TAoL Thunderbird Blue Sprite.png
ボルバ (Boruba) Thunderbird
TAoL Link's Shadow Sprite.png
自分自身 (Jibunjishin)Triforce piece.png Link's Shadow

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