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That Sinking Feeling/Episode transcript

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This is the episode transcript for "That Sinking Feeling"

(Link and Zelda are walking down the forest)

Zelda: This sure is a long way to go for a picnic. What's so great about the place you discovered, anyway?

Link: This. (shows Zelda the location he found)

Zelda: What a gorgeous and romantic place!

Link: I was hoping you'd feel that way. Maybe after our picnic, you'd be willing to give me a ki--oof! (is tackled by Zelda and gets knocked to the ground with Zelda on top of him)

Zelda: Mmm...shut up and kiss me!

Link: Boy...it works faster than I thought!

Zelda: Are you gonna talk or smooch?

Link: Pucker up, princess! (ground begins to rise) Huh?

Zelda: It's an underground entrance. We're being attacked!

Link: They couldn't have waited ten seconds? Better take these, princess. (hands Zelda a boomerang) We've got some party poopers to pulverize.

(Tektites begin to attack)

Zelda: I've heard of bugs in a picnic, but this is ridiculous!

(Tektites shoot spider webs at Link and Zelda but they evade them. Zelda kills one of them with her boomerang but is then wrapped by spider webs)

Link: Zelda! Not so fast, boys! (Tektites begin to take Zelda towards the Underworld entrance. Link is attacked by a Tektite from behind and loses his sword) That does it, no more Mr. Nice-Guy. (defeats Tektites) Nine down, one to go. (zaps all of the Tektites and goes to save Zelda) Whoops, don't want your hair to get bust, princess. I'd ask you for a kiss, but it looks like you're all tied up.

Zelda: (grunts and gets up, still tied up)

Link: Well excuuuuuse me, princess! (frees Zelda)

Zelda: You idiot! I could have smothered in there while you were playing with those spiders.

Link: You mean I don't get my kiss?

Zelda: Oh, alright. As long as the cupid statue is here, I guess it's still romantic. One quick kiss.

Link: All right! (ground begins to shake)

Zelda: The statue! It's sinking!

Link: So much for romance. (runs to the place where the statue sank) Huh? Solid! Looks like Ganon's got some new magic.

Zelda: Ugh! And I'm fed up! We're going to have a showdown with that evil wizard!

Link: We are?

(at the Underworld)

Goriya: Oh... Ganon gonna be mad. Me find Overworld Magnet just like Ganon tell me to, but-- (Ganon appears)

Ganon: Explain yourself, Goriya!

Goriya: Goriya search everwhere, Ganon. Overworld Magnet buried in furthest cave of Underworld, just like your magic tell you.

Ganon: One of the greatest spells of the ancient wizards, and now, it's mine! But where are Link and Zelda?

Goriya: Uh, um, me aim at them, sire, but me get that instead. (Ganon zaps the Goriya)

Ganon: [?] Still...it seems to work quite nicely. Well enough to make the Triforce mine...at last!

(outside of North Castle, Link and Zelda are on horseback with Zelda carrying the Triforce of Wisdom)

Link: You sure go wanna go after Ganon?

Zelda: Definitely! I'm tired of Ganon's evil attacks! If we can get both Triforces again, Ganon will be defeated forever!

Link: Yeah, but Ganon's got a new trick up his sleeve. We still don't know what made that statue sink.

Triforce of Wisdom: A magic magnet pulled it down, will be destroyed with the bracelets found.

Zelda: Huh?

Link: My sentiments exactly.

Zelda: We can figure out what that means later. Right now, we've got a date with Ganon.

Link: I've got a sinking feeling about this... (rumbling) Huh? (the castle is sinking into the underworld)

Zelda: Speaking of sinking feelings.

Link: The castle! It's sinking!

Zelda: But Daddy and Spryte are in it! There are people in there, Link! Do something!

Link: On my way, princess! (Link tries to get to the castle but it sinks before he reaches it) Darn, too late!

Zelda: It's gone! The whole castle! But how? Where is it?

Triforce of Wisdom: It's in Ganon's hands. He won't let go unless defeated down below.

Link: Sounds like we have a job to do, princess.

Zelda: Let's go.

(at the Underworld)

Ganon: I have captured the castle, and with it, the Triforce of Wisdom! Now I can conquer Hyrule, destroy that pipsqueak Link, and make Zelda my queen.

(inside the castle, now in the Underworld)

King Harkinian: Oh, dear, and it started out as such a nice day, too.

Spryte: There, there, your Highness. Link will save us!

King Harkinian: We may not have a chance. Once Ganon discovers the, uh, Triforce isn't here, he'll be mad...

Spryte: Oh, he sure will!

(back at the surface)

Zelda: Ugh. Oh, I KNOW this is an underworld entrance, but I can't get it open!

Link: You gotta have the right key. (throws bomb near entrance) Stand aside, princess. (bomb explodes and reveals entrance)

Zelda: You know what I like about you, Link? Your delicate touch.

Link: Excuuuuse me, princess! It worked, didn't it?

(Ganon is inside the castle looking for the Triforce, destroying everything)

Ganon: Gyaaaaah! Where's the Triforce?! It's not here! I'm very upset!

King Harkinian: (hidden inside an armor suit in the same room as Ganon) Oh, dear! Ganon's smashing everything!

Spryte: He'll do the same to us if he finds us. Stay hidden!

King Harkinian: Oh, dear, where are Link and Zelda anyway?

(Link defeats two Stalfos)

Link: Hah, took care of those two. But the way out is up there. How do we reach it?

Zelda: Leave that to me. (uses the Triforce of Wisdom's powers to bring down a staircase)

Link: Useful gizmo, that Triforce.

Zelda: That's why Ganon wants it.

Link: Uh-oh. More company! Party time! (Link defeats a Darknut) Hah! Tell Ganon Link sends his best. (The Darknut leaves a Magic Bracelet behind)

Zelda: Look! It dropped a magic bracelet!

Link: Just like the Triforce said. I say it's time to take on Ganon.

(at the castle)

Ganon: Where is the Triforce?!

King Harkinian: Where is Link and Zelda?

Link: (off-screen) Hey! Pig face! Come out and play!

Spryte: It's Link! Hurray!

Ganon: Insolent wretch! I'll deal with him!

Link: C'mon, snout-nose! Where are you?

Zelda: Link, look! The Triforce of Power...! If we can get that, Ganon will be defeated forever!

Link: Go for it, princess. (Ganon appears) I've got my own work cut out for me.

Ganon: Hah, so that's where the Triforce was. Well, it shall soon be mine! (sends a zap at Zelda but evades it. Link then sends a zap at Ganon but misses)

Link: How about me, Ganon? Don't you wanna play? (Zaps Ganon)

Ganon: You'll pay for that, pipsqueak! (sends a magic spell at Link which ties him with chains) And now...

Zelda: No! (shoots a beam at Ganon)

Ganon: So, you're playing with magic, eh, princess? Let me show you it's done.

Zelda: Ah, no! (is being pulled in by Ganon's magic)

Ganon: Come closer... Come closer...!

Zelda: Link, help me! Use the bracelet!

Link: (struggling) The bracelet, of course! These magic bracelets give one minute of super strength. (grabs the bracelet from his pocket and breaks free)

Ganon: Oh no!

Link: Oh yes! Time for a flying lesson! (brings him in with the chains and throws him far, knocking over the Overworld Magnet. This causes for the magnet to bring North Castle up to the surface again)

Link: The castle! It's going back up!

Zelda: We have to get the Triforce of Power!

Link: No time! (grabs zelda)

Ganon: Oh no, it's overloading! It's going to blow! (the magnet explodes) Blast!

(at the castle)

Link: Hey, so it's a little messy. At least the castle's back and everyone's safe.

King Harkinian: Yes! You certainly saved the day, my boy. Good show!

Link: I figure I deserve a kiss for that, don't you?

King Harkinian: Oh? Well, I suppose. If you insist. (gives Link a kiss on the cheek)

Link: Ah! Hey! That was not exactly what I had in mind.