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BotW Thadd Model.png
Race Hylian
Gender Male

Thadd is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Thadd is a cautious villager who guards Hateno Village's gate. Upon seeing Link, he will brandish his Farmer's Pitchfork and warily ask who he is.[2][3] Realizing that Link is a Hylian, he will apologize and give him directions to Hateno Village's General Store and Inn.[4]

If he is spoken to again, Thadd can answer a couple of questions. He will give a description of Hateno Village as a whole, though he is unable to give specifics.[5] Thadd points out that the village is highly responsive to tourism.[6] However, he advises Link against visiting the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab on the hill overlooking the village.[7]

Although Link can ask Thadd to show him the village, he will turn the hero down at once. [8] He will apologize afterward for his behavior,[9] stating that although his work is important, it is not difficult.[10] Still, he will adamantly refuse to use his time giving Link a tour,[11] directing him to Seldon instead.[12]

As night rolls in, Thadd continues to guard despite his sleepiness.[13][14] He is at the village entrance no matter the hour, never sleeping.


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