Test of Will

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Test of Will
BotW Blood Brothers Nabooru.jpg
The three Goron Blood Brothers on Mount Nabooru
Quest Giver Bayge
Location Mount Nabooru
Reward Access to the Joloo Nah Shrine

"Test of Will" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


To begin this Quest, Link must speak to the three Goron Blood Brothers on Mount Nabooru. They tell Link that they are in the midst of a contest of endurance.[2] They came to Mount Nabooru to train themselves to handle the heat in Goron City.[3] They challenge Link to a test of will in the ring of heat nearby.[4] After enduring the ring of heat longer than all three Goron Blood Brothers, the Gorons challenge Link to a contest of ultimate endurance.[5] It is considered the toughest test known to Goron kind.[6] The contest of ultimate endurance tests Link's ability to withstand fire from a ring of lava.[7] It is said that passing the test reveals a Shrine.[8] After Link endures the fire long enough and defeats the Goron Blood Brothers once again, they will declare him victorious.[9] The Joloo Nah Shrine will rise from the ground and the Quest will be complete.


Stage Description
1 The Goron Blood Brothers have challenged you to a test of will.

The rules are simple...The challenger who can handle the intense heat within the ring for the longest without leaving the ring is the winner.

They say that's all there is to it, but...
2 "A true Goron has a barrel for a chest and a heart the size of his biceps.

Gearing up accordingly and having your hearts filled up before competing is key, brother!"
3 You've been challenged to an even hotter test of will.

The three brothers admitted defeat before, but this time you'll have to make sure you've got some serious heat resistance if you want to match their will in the scorching ring.
4 "A true Goron needs mental fortitude, physical fortitude, and spiritual fortitude.

This next test is beyond anything anyone has ever attempted. You've worked out how to protect against heat...right, brother?"
Complete After you endured the heated test, a shrine suddenly appeared.

"So sweaty...Brother..."

Oh, that's all from Kabetta?
That's too bad, brother...


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