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Kaysa (sister)
Cotera (sister)
Mija (sister)

Tera is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Tera is a Great Fairy who can be found beneath the Gerudo Great Skeleton in the southwest corner of the Gerudo Desert. She is the oldest of the four fairy sisters in Breath of the Wild.[2] Like the other Great Fairies, Tera will upgrade Link's Armor in exchange for Materials.

Unlike her sisters, Tera has several odd mannerisms; she occasionally uses Gerudo forms of greeting when Link visits her, and will inform him about various goings-on beneath the water of her fountain. When she first meets Link, she attempts to convince him that she is all-knowing, even offering to read his thoughts to prove her omniscience.[3] After a long pause, she assumes that he is wondering if they can cut to the point where she upgrades his clothing, and proceeds to chastise him for his impatience.[4]



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