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Temple of Wind

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For the temple in The Wind Waker that goes by a similar name, see Wind Temple.
Temple of Wind
Temple of Wind.png
The temple's entrance
Location(s) Isle of Gust
Game(s) Phantom Hourglass
Main Item Bombs, Power Gem, Courage Gem
Boss(es) Stirrer of Winds: Cyclok
Quest Reward(s)Neri
Sand of Hours worth two minutes
Heart Container

The Temple of Wind is the second dungeon in Phantom Hourglass,[1] found on the Isle of Gust. It protects the Spirit of Wisdom, Neri.

Entrance to the Temple

The dungeon is located at the center of the Isle of Gust. To open the entrance, three sacred windmills must be blown (through the Microphone of the Nintendo DS).[2] Although there are various fans across the northern desert of the island, only specifically three of them will be able to provide access to the temple.

Themes and Navigation

Link walking through a windy corridor.

Somewhat similar to the Spirit Temple, the entirety of the structure seems to be built around the idea of deserts. Tan or gold-colored walls and columns fill all rooms, dirt floors cracked from lack of moisture appear often, there are numerous rooms filled with sand, and the wall designs are reminiscent of ancient middle eastern architecture.

Fitting of its name, this dungeon is filled with holes in the ground blowing constant upward gusts, along with occasionally movable Octorok-shaped statues billowing vertical winds; either are capable of pushing Link into undesired locations. Both of these obstructions, the Shovel, and Bomb Flowers are used in many puzzles and tasks found throughout the temple. Since Bombs are first found in this dungeon, they are also used extensively for various needs, including battling enemies which can only be defeated through their use.

Sandworms are one of the most common enemies in both Temple of Wind, and the Isle of Gust on which the dungeon resides. This type of monster can only be defeated after finding the Bombs in this temple. Ironically, Link must handle evading several Sandworms directly before obtaining Bombs. Other common enemies found inside include Keese, Miniblins, Ropes, Red ChuChus, and Rock ChuChus. The mightiest of these enemies and the boss of Wind Temple is Cyclok; Stirrer of Winds, seen as a large purple Octorok riding a small cyclone.

Minor Enemies


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ้ขจใฎ็ฅžๆฎฟ (Kaze no Shinden) Temple of Wind
Canada FrenchCA Temple des Vents Temple of Winds
French Republic FrenchEU Temple du Vent Temple of Wind
Federal Republic of Germany German Tempel des Windes
Italian Republic Italian Santuario del Vento
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Templo del Viento Temple of Wind



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  2. โ†‘ "The hero must blow on the three sacred windmills to open the path forward." โ€” N/A (Phantom Hourglass)
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