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Temple of Fire

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Temple of Fire
Temple of Fire.png
The Temple's entrance
Location(s) Isle of Ember
Game(s) Phantom Hourglass
Main Item Boomerang
Boss(es) Master of Fire: Blaaz
Quest Reward(s)Leaf
Unknown amount of Sand of HoursTriforce piece.png
Heart Container
For the similarly-named temples, see Fire Temple (Ocarina of Time), Fire Temple (Spirit Tracks) and Fire Temple (Tri Force Heroes).

The Temple of Fire is the first dungeon that Link visits in Phantom Hourglass.[1] It is located on the Isle of Ember. It protects the Spirit of Power.[2]

Entrance to the Temple

The temple is located on the higher levels of the island's mountain, which can only be accessed after Link has rescued the fortune teller, Astrid, and has his fortune told by her.[3] When Link first arrives at the temple's entrance, it is sealed shut. To open it, he has to blow out the two candles on either side of the door.[4]

Themes and Navigation

Link using the Boomerang to hit multiple orb switches.

As the name implies, this dungeon is themed around fire. There are numerous pits of lava which can hamper Link's path, as well as moving bodies of fire that can burn him.[5] The dungeon has five floors in all and features a small variety of enemies, including ChuChus, Keese, Bubbles and more. Many of the puzzles in the dungeon involve the dungeon's item, the Boomerang,[6] sometimes requiring Link to hit switches in a certain order. The boss, who is supposedly the cause of the volcano erupting,[7] is a flame sorcerer by the name of Blaaz.[8] After clearing the dungeon, Link will receive a Heart Container and the first of the three Servant Spirits,[9] Leaf,[10] who explains that he was locked away with the Ocean King a long time ago, and wants to join Link in order to find out what happened to him.[11]

Minor Enemies


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 炎の神殿 (Honō no Shinden) Temple of Fire
Canada FrenchCA Temple du Feu Temple of Fire
Federal Republic of Germany German Tempel des Feuers
Italian Republic Italian Santuario del Fuoco
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Templo del Fuego Temple of Fire



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