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Temple of Droplets

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Temple of Droplets
Temple of Droplets.png
Location(s) Lake Hylia
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Main Item Flame Lantern
Mini-boss(es) Big Blue Chuchu
Madderpillars x2
Boss(es) Big Octorok
Quest Reward(s)Water Element
Heart Container
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The Temple of Droplets is the fourth Dungeon in The Minish Cap.[1] It is a Minish-size temple in a block of ice in the middle of Lake Hylia, accessible with the Flippers. The exterior of the temple itself resembles a Minish Portal, which Link will fall into upon shrinking down.

Themes and Navigation

Link finding the Big Key frozen within a block of ice

The temple is largely frozen over, with certain items encased in ice blocks and many floors slick with ice. The temple has many skylights that can be opened to let in sunbeams which are used to melt some of the ice. Enemies encountered in the temple include Mulldozers, Pestos and Sluggula. Oddly enough, the B1 and B2 floors both resemble pots on the map.

The Temple of Droplets has three Sub-Bosses: a Big Blue Chuchu and a pair of Madderpillars in the dark. The item is the Flame Lantern, which is obtained after defeating the Big Blue Chuchu. The Flame Lantern can be used to light Torches, to light up dark rooms, and to melt ice, all of which are frequent puzzle elements in the Dungeon.

Like the Deepwood Shrine, the Temple of Droplets has portions that are filled with water. As before, Link must steer a Lily Pad through the network of waterways. This is necessary despite having the Flippers because some destination banks are too steep to climb onto from the water itself.

The Boss is an ordinary sized Octorok, but it looks like a Big Octorok from the perspective of a Minish. Link first encounters this Boss frozen solid early in the temple, but fully unlocking a skylight will defrost it, along with the nearby frozen Water Element. Defeating the Big Octorok allows Link to recover the Water Element, which it swallowed.

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Temple of Droplets
Japan Japanese しずくの神殿 (Shizuku no Shinden) Temple of Droplets
French Republic FrenchEU Temple de l'Eau Temple of Water
Federal Republic of Germany German Tempel des Tropfens Temple of Droplets
Italian Republic Italian Tempio delle Gocce Temple of Droplets
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Templo de las aguas Temple of water



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