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Use this template to mark vague time periods. These are usually marked by words such as "eventually" or "a certain amount of time." Editors will often write this when they are unsure at exactly which point an event occurs. Figuring that out may require some research into the game. (See example below.)

Articles tagged with this template are added to Category:Statements Needing Clarification. Specific categories also exist for each game (see below).


To use this template, insert the following immediately after the vague time period, after any punctuation:

    {{When|Game (Optional) }}

If the article covers multiple games, use additional parameters, e.g. ({{When|OOT|MM|TWW|TP}}). The template accepts up to six game parameters.


Sometimes,[when?] in Phantom Hourglass, Masked Beedle appears instead of Beedle.

The above statement should specify exactly when Masked Beedle appears – 10 P.M and midnight on weekdays and 10 A.M. to noon on weekends according to the Nintendo DS system's clock. This fact can be researched online and verified by testing it for oneself in the game.

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