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[verification needed]

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It has been suggested that this article be moved to Template:Needs fact check.

This page either already exists and is preventing the move, or the move may be either controversial or entail multiple edits. Please discuss this on this article's talk page.


To be placed directly after unconfirmed, unsourced statements that require original research (e.g. fact-checking through gameplay). If it's a statement that can cite a source, use Template:Fact instead.

Take for example the statement: "Bokoblins can wield Darknut Swords." If no reliable source can be found for this claim, it must be verified by either:

  • testing the claim for oneself by playing the game
  • finding an image or video that proves the claim.

Pages marked with this template are added to Category:Statements Needing Verification. Specific categories also exist for each game (see below).


Adding this Template

To use this template, insert the following immediately after punctuation, as if citing a source.

    {{Verify|Game (Optional) }}

  • Game — The game that the unverified statement pertains to. Can be the game's full title, subtitle, or abbreviation. See here for a list of possible values. This adds the article to a more specific category (e.g. Category:The Wind Waker Statements Needing Verification) in addition to the general category, for the benefit of editors. Entering "nocat" surpresses the category altogether.

If the article covers multiple games, use additional parameters, e.g. ({{Verify|OOT|MM|TWW|TP}}). The template accepts up to six game parameters.

Removing this Template

Remove this tag once you have verified the claim. When possible, please present visual proof of the claim before doing so. Verification tags removed without proof may be re-added by staff.