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NOTE: This template is not currently ready for use. It requires more debugging, which can take a while.


This takes a list string of words and divides them up, applying one template to each one, in a list format.


To use this template, type:     {{TempList|List of Names |Template |Delimiter |Ending Word |Template Parameters (Optional) }}

  • List of Pages — List all the names to form the list of templates here, each separated by a backward slash ( \ ) or by whatever symbol is defined by the parameter Delimiter. This template currently supports up to 20 listed items.
  • Template — Use this to define the template to apply to each name.
  • Delimiter — Optionally define an alternative delimiter in the list. Defaults to a backward slash ( \ ) if not defined.
  • Ending Word — Optionally set an alternative word to have before the last term in the list. Defaults to "and" if not defined. to have no word here, type "Void".
  • Template Parameter — If the template in question has more than just the first parameter as an option, use this to set the rest for all the words.