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This template provides a bare-bones alternative to Template:Tab. With this template, the position of the tabs in relation to their content can be changed from top to bottom.

This template can create up to 20 tabs.


To use this template, start with this layout:

  • format — The position of the tabs in relation to their contents. Defaults to "top".
  • align — Align the template to the left, right, or center. Defaults to center.
  • height — The height of the tab contents section. Fits to the contents if left blank. Base this on the largest content tab.
  • default — The tab to display when the page first loads. Defaults to "1"
  • tabsPerRow — Sets the number of tabs to display per row.
  • tab# — The name of each tab. Try to keep the names short as long names tend to look bad. You can also use images here. However, if you do, they should be entered with a blank "link=" parameter, or the linking to nothing option of Template:Image. If you neglect to do this, clicking the tab will take you to the that page instead of loading the tab.
  • content# — The content you want to display for each tab.
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Tab2/Documentation. (edit | history)