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This template creates a formatted Table of Contents (TOC) anywhere on the page. It can also prevent a TOC from being displayed at all.


To use this template type:

|align   = 
|clear   =
|limit   = 
|display = 
|width   = 
|height  = 
  • Align — What side the TOC is displayed
    • Options: Left, Right
  • Clear — Clear the area below the table, much like the Clear template
    • Options: Left, Right
  • Limit — The header limit
    • Options: From 1 to 7
  • Display — How to display the Table of Contents.
    • Options: None (prevents TOC from being displayed), Overflow (creates a scroll box if the TOC is long enough)
  • Height — The height at which the overflow bar appears. Defaults to auto (Only works when display = overflow).
  • Width — The width of the table. Defaults to 200 px (Only works when display = overflow).