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This template is used to display information about a species.
To add this template to an article copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information (all fields are optional):

|name=            the name of the species
|image=           an image of representing the species
|caption=         a caption for the image, should one be necessary (be brief)
|game=            the games that the species appears in
|other=           non-canon games and other media (books, tv episodes, comics) in which this species appears
|era=             the era in which this species appeared in according to the official Zelda Timeline
|habitat=         locations where the species may be found
|attack=          notable attacks (apart from common/normal physical attacks)
|weapon=          weapons effective against the species
|cost=            any costs to obtain
|value=           selling price(s)
|characteristics= any special characteristics of the species
|members=         any notable members of the species
|theme music=     theme music associated with the species

Blank Code (paste onto page)

|theme music=