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Template:Site Announcement

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This template is used by staff on MediaWiki:Sitenotice to create site-wide announcements that appear above every page on the wiki.

This is the blank template:

{{Site Announcement
  • active-announcement — Can be set to "true" or "false" (the default is "true" if the parameter is left blank).
    • When set to "false", a general spoiler alert is shown instead of an announcement. This serves as a placeholder until the next active announcement.
    • When set to "true", it will display the announcement described in the template.
  • header — The headline of the announcement. Headlines are optional but recommended.
  • forum-url — A full valid URL to a related forum thread. Announcements made on the wiki should also be made on the forum.
  • date — The date of the announcement. Use the following format: <Month> <Day>, <Year>
  • body — The main text of the announcement.


  • active-announcement should be set to "false" when the latest announcement is outdated. You can either clear the other fields to make way for the next announcement that comes along, or leave the old announcement there so the next person to make an announcement can use it as a reference.
  • Data added to this template can be reused with Template:Latest Announcement to add announcements to Zelda Wiki:Latest Announcements (which is transcluded on the main page).