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Horizontal Attack Button


This template is to display Soulcalibur II button combinations and attack legends.


    {{SC2|Button }}

  • SC2 — The button/attack legend to display (See the keys in the list below)
Image Key Description
Horizontal Attack Button ha Horizontal Attack Button
Hold Horizontal Attack Button hha Hold Horizontal Attack Button
Vertical Attack Button va Vertical Attack Button
Hold Vertical Attack Button hva Hold Vertical Attack Button
Kick Button k Kick Button
Hold Kick Button hk Hold Kick Button
Guard Button g Guard Button
Hold Guard Button hg Hold Guard Button
Image Key Description
Control Pad cp Control Pad
Hold Control Pad hcp Hold Control Pad
Slide Input si Slide Input
Neutral s Neutral
High Attack h High Attack
Mid Attack m Mid Attack
Special Mid Attack sm Special Mid Attack
LowAttack l LowAttack
Throw t Throw
Unblockable Attack u Unblockable Attack
Attack Throw at Attack Throw
Special Movement sp Special Movement
Guard Break Properties gb Guard Break Properties
Guard Impact Properties gi Guard Impact Properties
Switch to Stance st Switch to Stance
Plus p Plus
Open Parenthesis op Open Parenthesis
Close Parenthesis cpa Close Parenthesis
Comma co Comma
Image Key Description
Up Left ul Up Left
Up up Up
Up Right ur Up Right
Control Pad cp Right
Down Right dr Down Right
Down d Down
Down Left dl Down Left
Left le Left
Up Left ul Up Left
Hold Up hup Hold Up
Hold Up Right hur Hold Up Right
Hold Control Pad hcp Hold Right
Hold Down Right hdr Hold Down Right
Down hd Hold Down
Hold Down Left hdl Hold Down Left
Hold Left hle Hold Left