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{{{1}}} ({{{2}}})


This template is used to display non-Latin text with its corresponding romanization, and optionally, its translation. To use it, simply type:

{{Romanize | Foreign Text | Romanization | Translation | Format }}
  • Foreign Text — The non-Latin script text.
  • Romanization — The romanized version of the non-Latin text (Hepburn romanization is preferable for Japanese text).
  • Translation — The English meaning of the text. This field is optional except when the Format field is "2" (see below).
  • Format — The desired display option. This field is optional and the default value is "1".


There are currently three format options. An example of each is as follows:

Format Code Display Where to Use
|Kamigami no Toraifōsu
|Triforce of the Gods
神々のトライフォース (Kamigami no Toraifōsu) Default
|Kamigami no Toraifōsu
|Triforce of the Gods
神々のトライフォース (Triforce of the Gods) Pages or sections that place an emphasis on translations
|Kamigami no Toraifōsu
|Triforce of the Gods
神々のトライフォース Name boxes that contain many names
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