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This template takes a text string and finds the character that is at the desired position.


To use this template, type:     {{Pick|Text String |Target Position |Case (Optional) }}

  • Text String — The string of text to be searched
  • Target Position — Choose the position to be searched. Enter this as numbers starting at 1. Numbers greater than the length of the string should return a blank result.
  • Case — Optionally change the case of the output to uppercase or lowercase. If left blank the result will be returned in the original case.
    • uppercase, upper, or u — Converts to uppercase, parameter is NOT case sensitive.
    • lowercase, lower, or l — Converts to lowercase, parameter is NOT case sensitive.


Normal use:

  • {{Pick|Link|1}}
    • L
  • {{Pick|Link|2}}
    • i
  • {{Pick|Link|3}}
    • n
  • {{Pick|Link|4}}
    • k

Case changing:

  • {{Pick|LiNk|1|Uppercase}}
    • L
  • {{Pick|LiNk|2|Uppercase}}
    • I
  • {{Pick|LiNk|3|Lowercase}}
    • n
  • {{Pick|LiNk|4|Lowercase}}
    • k