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This template creates an overflow bar (a scroll bar). This is used to save space on page to make navigating it more manageable and to reduce the space that some space-consuming content that needs to be there but is better not taking up so much space on the page.


There are two different ways to use this template. Which way to use depends on the situation.
For normal use, type:     {{Overflow|Content |Size |Padding }}

  • Content — The content you wish to condense.
  • Size — Optionally define the size of the overflow bar, measured in pixels. Defaults to 200 pixels if not defined.
  • Padding — Optionally define the amount of padding you wish to have, measured in pixels. Defaults to 5 pixels when not defined.

For situations where the normal method doesn't work or isn't practical, use this alternative method:




Also, you can use the words "Begin" or "Finish" in place of the normal ones, in either combination. You can also use the size and padding parameters from the normal method:

{{Overflow|Start|Size|Custom Formatting}}